Xbox One Exclusive Crackdown’s Box Art and Key Artwork Published

Today Microsoft announced the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Crackdown, and at the same time the publisher also released the first assets.

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gamerfan09092498d ago

The game is obviously in super early development, but I think the pressure is on MS and Cloudgine to make this game good. If this bombs like the second one then the IP is dead for good. Overall from the CGI trailer I love where they're going with it. It's really back to the basics the first one started with.

HugoDrax2498d ago

It won't bomb since the original developers are involved in making Crackdown Xbox 1. Anyhow, just downloaded the new Dead Rising 3 DLC.....Comes in at 4.4 GB UPDATE

Volkama2498d ago

Nothing wrong with an update being big. Not when you're talking about new content anyway.

LordDhampire2498d ago

Crackdown was awesome, This has sparked my interest in Xbone again

JohnJ2498d ago

Cloud powered destruction as show in the Microsoft tech demo? This could be groundbreaking

Volkama2498d ago

We don't know the extent of that yet, all we have is a passing comment from Phil Spencer.

It could be purely cosmetic stuff falling over in the background, or even just using the cloud for persistence so that stuff you have broken stays broken.

Or it could be cloud-powered city destruction as per that demo.

It is exciting, but just.... temper your expectations and see what they deliver.

HacSawJimThugin2498d ago

I'm willing to bet that the demo at GDC showing the destruction was crackdown. Dx12 plus the cloud ooh wee!!

Nolando2498d ago

The first one was a good game... the second one was SO RUSHED! it was the same thing over and over with what felt like no variety whatsoever...

I just hope this game can revive what could be a golden franchise just please put variety into it! the whole concept of chasing orbs to level and power up is fun and cool. But the gameplay/story/quests whatever needs more variety because that's what killed the last game for me.

Oh and a whole lot of customization would be awesome!

Gamer6662498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I was most happy when I heard that David Jones is back working this game. His studio made the first game great...

Then, when the studio splintered to Ruffian Games and they made Crackdown 2 it felt rushed and felt like it wasn't really a Crackdown game.

Now that he is back I am hoping the next one feels like a Crackdown game and keeps true to the IP.

truefan12498d ago

Man it's sad this game is so far away, I originally only picked it up for the Halo beta, but it was a great game. I can't wait to see the destructible environments.