E3 2014: We Remember That A New Mass Effect Game Is Coming. Thanks BioWare — For Nothing.

GeekParty says: "As soon as I heard the music it was all over. I was bracing myself for an announcement that would make me scream like a little boy with a skinned-knee."

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thekhurg2503d ago

Yeah, it was a shitty reveal much like the bulk of EA's "announcements" during their conference.

majiebeast2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

The conference was still in the concept stage. Sometimes its just better to show nothing this was one of those times.

colonel1792503d ago

You know, they probably realized they had absolutely nothing to show other that sport games and that's why they decided to show the games in concept stage. Something bad might have been going on at EA, because it looks like they really weren't ready for E3. They shouldn't have had a conference.

majiebeast2503d ago


Only one that seemed ready was Ubi so far.

brich2332503d ago

What are you talking about, im sure every one is hyped about that Hockey game right? That was the best game so far of e3 2014!! lol

Double_O_Revan2503d ago

What?! You didnt like that they spent days, maybe weeks prepping that footage and wasting valuable man hours that could've been spent on making the game, when all was needed was to go on stage and say 'Hey, New Mass Effect is coming. SOMETIME."?

devileyed2503d ago

"Hey guys, we've started making Mass Effect levels".......kinda lame. I honestly think that's all they have so far is concept.

Tross2503d ago

I wasn't expecting much TBH. I figured we'd hear more about it come E3 next year. Still, I was hoping I would be wrong. Oh well. At least we got some acknowledgement. Who am I kidding? This affirmation by Bioware sucked!

Naruto_Uzumaki2503d ago

i was really REALLY hoping for a new star wars Game at least a teaser for one besides battlefront

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The story is too old to be commented.