Latest HD DVD and Blu-ray releases

With the PS3 coming out this week for Blu-ray players (and good luck getting one!), and the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on out as well (for both PC and Xbox, heh!), the chances are high that you'll have something great to watch with your turkey and stuffing this week..
* ATL (Warner)
* Behind Enemy Lines (Fox)
* Black Hawk Down (Sony)
* Fantastic Four (Fox)
* Kingdom of Heaven: The Director's Cut (Fox)
* Kiss of the Dragon (Fox)
* The Last Samurai (Warner)
* Layer Cake (Sony)
* The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Fox)
* Million Dollar Baby (Warner)
* The Omen (Fox)
* Speed (Fox)
* The Transporter (Fox)
* X-Men: The Last Stand (Fox)
* Accepted (Universal)
* Casablanca (Warner)
* Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire: Live at the Greek Theatre (Image)
* Cream: Royal Albert Hall - London May 2-3-5-6 2005 (Rhino)
* The Eagles: Farwell Tour 1 - Live in Melbourne (Rhino)
* Forbidden Planet (Warner)
* Forbidden Planet: Ultimate Collector's Set (Warner)
* Heart: Alive in Seattle (Image)
* James Taylor: A MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute (Rhino)
* King Kong (2005) (Universal)
* Mutiny on the Bounty (Warner)
* Waterworld (Universal)

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PS360WII4446d ago

with hd and them releasing some of the classics on it