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Emotion. That was the word used several times during our first-look at FIFA 15.

FIFA has gradually gotten better over the years at depicting more realistic action on the football pitch, last year going so far as to adding swerving ball physics after shots and truer player movement. Things on the pitch will always improve, but what about the atmosphere surrounding it? It's always appeared as an afterthought, but EA is trying to change all that for the latest installment in the series.

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moomoo3192503d ago

No NO NO the game does not need to be faster paced or more like fifa 13 that game was awful. slow it down or fix the passing, there are too many break a ways behind the defense and too many lobbed through balls.

Diffraction_Fos2503d ago

Why? So the slow rated CBs can easily catch up with the speedster forwards all over again? 'Cause that's realistic too? I mean if there's no discernable difference even between an 80 rated sprinter and a 90 rated one then what the hell is the point? Long lobbed/through balls are part of the real life game. Speed is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. If you don't know how to deal with it, play some other game.

moomoo3192502d ago

It shouldn't be about catch-up. Firstly, CB's dont stand to the side of an attacker like in fifa, they actually position themselves to tackle. They make sure they give the attacker space incase he recieves the ball and turns. They stay in front him while he's sprinting to avoid getting beat. Rarely, does an attacker simply sprint past a defender whose running towards his own net. It takes a perfect pass or skill move for that to happen in real life

moomoo3192502d ago

and the percentage of successful lobbed through balls in real life is much much much less than in fifa. It is overpowered in the game

philm872503d ago

They won't go back to Fifa 13 end to end stuff I'm sure. This is still possible in Fifa 14 if you employ the right tactics, but more difficult to pull off successfully, which is why possession play gets more advantage.
If you sort your tactics out and know how to defend properly it's pretty easy to defend most through balls over the top, there's a skill to it, if you can't do it it's because you're not good enough, not because the game is made wrong.