E3 2014: Battlefield: Hardline – Gameplay goals revealed

In the EA press conference at E3 2014, DICE has just shown Battlefield: Hardline gameplay detailing goals players will be attempting to achieve during gameplay.

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seanpitt232504d ago

As soon as you click on the beta message it counts you in so you can download it later when there is less traffic because it's hammering psn right now cannot get on.

Sillicur2504d ago

Trying to get in myself but it is so hard! hopefully not too late as it is first come first serve. What do you think about the gameplay goals?

seanpitt232504d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Well I just tried again and it says no content found so looks like I missed out due to psn being down. So Frustrating

Right just got on it now and it's downloading just keep at it guys. I have fast internet so it says estimated time 10 minutes

plut0nash2504d ago

How're the download speeds?

ScottyHoss2503d ago

6BG in 10 minutes, quite good :D

HanCilliers2504d ago

This is gonna be really interesting, I guess a lot of fans are torn between wanting something new, but playing Battlefield because of it's massive war zone maps

modesign2504d ago

lol telling every pc/ps4 gamer to rush to get a spot on a closed beta. like telling a million fat people to come get the last pie in the

TheMapleNerd2504d ago

Origin is down for me (i can log in, but not see my games at all) is it happening for other people?

iistuii2503d ago

I can see my games but the Hardline Beta isn't showing yet. Got an email to say I'm in on PC, but still no show..gulp

TheMapleNerd2503d ago

You are so lucky, i can't even start my Bf4 :c

Sillicur2503d ago

Well thats good, you are in, probably just taking awhile to show up!

Sillicur2503d ago

I can confirm this is happening for me too...

GabeSA2503d ago

i think i would have tried this if i had the opportunity.