Get 20% Off BattleField Hardline

"Now — as often happens after release dates are announced — the game has been made available for pre-order. Luckily for you, the pre-order has launched with ta significant discount available at Gamefly. Right now, you can get a head-start on locking in the game at a price of $47.99 (a 20% discount)" - GAMEBREAKERTV

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PurpatraitorMGS2503d ago

fix BF4 first. Oh wait, its EA.

Pandamobile2503d ago

It's been fixed for a while now.

Codewow2503d ago

Yup.. I've had no issues for the last few months. :D

gamerfan09092503d ago

I keep hearing this complaint, but most of the people I know on next gen consoles have zero problems with the game. Besides that, isn't visceral doing this game and not Dice?

HappyWithOneBubble2503d ago

BF4 been out for 7 months now. If you still complaining then go play COD.

d4v03332503d ago

seriously stop that fix bf4 first bullshit already that games has been fixed and i have had no problems for a while

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Codewow2503d ago

I'll wait for a decent sale. 20% is like nothing nowadays for game discounts.. Steam breaks it off with their 90% discounts.

BluEx6102503d ago

Don't think this game will be on Steam since it's EA and Origin. Also I rarely see AAA games go 90% off within its first year n even its second year. Steam does have great sales but don't exaggerate the sales. 20% off a pre order is still a decent deal.

Codewow2503d ago

I didn't mean it would be on Steam. I'm just saying in general, steam beats out EA with origin anyday. I'll wait for the G2A sale that discounts it by 50% at least.

Codeman4202503d ago

see you in two years, G2A wont do a 50% off discount to a newly released game.

Codewow2503d ago

People sell their own games at 50% discounts all the time for some reason.

Software_Lover2503d ago

meh. I'm so tired of multiplayer right now. I need a new Mass Effect (part one).

gamerfan09092503d ago

From the looks of things Mass Effect is a long long ways away. Which surprised the hell out of me.