How Microsoft convinced Me to buy a Xbox One

"As a Playstation gamer, I went into the Microsoft E3 conference very skeptical.

Last year, Microsoft didn’t show me a reason to buy an Xbox One. They have been outsold by the Playstation 4 since Microsoft released the Xbox One. What they needed to do was drop price, which they already did, and give me some games that can only be played on Xbox One, and they mostly succeeded.They led off with games that will be released this year and only showed games the entire show. There was no talk of Kinect or entertainment apps this year, only games. This is exactly what the problem was with last year’s conference and they course corrected to what the gamers what, just the games. Call of Duty, Forza, Evolve, Dragon Age, Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends, Project Spark, and Halo: Master Chief Collection, all coming to Xbox One this year either exclusively or with exclusive content."

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sobotz2499d ago

Yeah, it convinced some of my friends too. With the cheap kinectless Xbox, interesting exclusives, and Halo 1-4 collection I think they've really listened.

FriedGoat2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I thought it was a pretty weak selection. But whatever floats people's boat.
Guess some people love playing the same games over again.

ninsigma2499d ago

I agree. While there was some cool stuff like sunset overdrive which looks really awesome and the halo anniversary looks great too along with halo 5, everything else I want is multiplat. There aren't any other interesting exclusives imo. Quantum break I'm still not sold on (dont know if there was new footage shown, didn't see the whole show) and never been a fan of crackdown so other than that I'm happy with where I'm at. Looking forward to what Sony has to bring.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

It was all in the delivery. I know it lacked triple A new IP's, but their conference was delivered very convincingly. Best conference (performance wise) in E3 history.

I thought Ori looked really intersting though.

Scalebound could be good also. And I'm sure crackdown fans will like the new crackdown. Same for Fable Legends.

What I'm liking so far is how good games are starting look now that they aren't cross gen. Cod looked about as good as Shadowfall does.

ShinMaster2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

The author was easily impressed by DLC and multiplatform games LOL

It was a good conference BUT no big surprises or MEGATONS and lots of CG.

AngelicIceDiamond2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

@FriedGoat Well MS has much needed variety in its games finally.

Sunset Over Drive is new, Quantum Break is new, Platinum Games is new, Crackdown as been gone for 4 years so that'll feel new, Phantom Dust has been gone forever so that's new. Plus some of those indies are new.

I don't understand the complaining you act like you played those games now.

Seems like ppl here are just finding more excuses to complain about MS imo.

ABizzel12499d ago

I was buying all the consoles to begin with, and the XBO is the only one I don't have right now.

Their E3 conference was a good showing, but IMO it was really for everyone who's already an Xbox 360 fan. It's nice to see that they're serious about games, but for 2014 there are only 2 games I really want (Sunset, and Master Chief), and maybe 2 more that I would think about getting (Forza, and Project Spark).

What they proved to me is that I need an XBO around 2015, when those 4 games are already out, with games like Quantum Break, Scalebound, Halo 5, Crackdown, and Gears on the way.

If there's a good deal on the XBO this holiday it's mine, otherwise I can wait until 2015, because most of the games I want to play for 2014 are multiplat, and my PC and PS4 are more than enough to get me through them.

That doesn't take away from the fact that MS had a great show. It wasn't mindblowing, but it was still a really good showing.


nicksetzer12499d ago

Yea, forza horizon 2, sunset overdrive, halo collection, halo 5, fable legends, quantum break, phantom dust, ori (looks amazing), platinum games new game, gears on the way, D4, etc, etc, etc ... what a horrible selection.

No_Limit2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I don't know about you, but with 5 exclusives coming in Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct Season 2, and the full release of Project Spark, it is a very solid Fall lineup of games.

Edit" LOL at the disagees. The Sony folks are at full force on E3 day I see.

alb18992499d ago

I hope to see you afters SONY's conference so you show me what is there to ply that is different.

Magnes2499d ago

Here we go again angelicdiamond attacking peoples comments.
On Topic I think Ms can at least convince people they are focused on games no BS this time. They did the only thing they could do showcase exclusive, they do have a brand to promote, and show they have multiplats too.

Jingeridit2499d ago

"Guess some people love playing the same games over again."
In what way do you mean by this? Are you saying this in a negative or positive way? Because if you mean it negatively, then that's a bit hypercritcal of you to say as you said this about The Last of Us: Remastered;
FriedGoat + 61d ago
I will buy this again, but i REALLY god damn hope they learn from Censoring it in the EU last time.
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However, if you meant it positively then I appologise and you can completely disregard what I have said.

miyamoto2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

They have no choice but to show games, and more games even if they are just CGI teasers.

They know that no one care's about Kinect, nor the TV TV TV, Cable, the power of the cloud, "10% more power" etc and tried to avoid all their "vision of the future" BS.

They played it safe and did not show any confidence.
The emotions were very low.
Was expecting M$ to release the million dollar cash flow Kraken and totally wow us with a comeback payback extravaganza!...but nope.

Xbox One's problem is that gamers know that these multi-plats are gonna look better on PS4.

Kribwalker2499d ago

Lol fried goat

Infamous SS, last of us remastered, ff 14, uncharted 4, injustice remastered... I could keep going and going if ud like, there was a huge amount of original IP's shown today

hakeem09962499d ago

says everyone who purchased all the god of war collection ,shadow of the colossus remake ,kingdoms heart remake ,rachet and clink collection etc .

FriedGoat2498d ago

I may eb buying The last of us Remastered, but i never tried to justify a good e3 because of remakes. UNTIL NOW, OMG GRIM FANGDANGO.

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zeee2499d ago

I think this year MS E3 conference was much better than E3 2013 which was an absolute disaster so anything compared to last year would have been better.

Positive thing is that they showed games and that's exactly what you need BUT, what I noticed that they showed a number of third party software and not a lot of exclusives. Who knows what Sony are going to show tonight but I don't think that MS has put a show that will put Sony in a difficult position.

A good thing is that they didn't talk about TV or Kinect. They talked about games and THAT Is what is needed for the good of the industry and gamers of course.

Sitdown2499d ago

They talked about games last year... Outside ioff the price, what did they do wrong concerning last year's E3?

LordMaim2499d ago

Maybe I'll buy one for Crackdown when it comes out, but that's not going to be until "2015 and beyond" according to Spencer. Not much that makes me want to buy in before their next round of price drops. The Halo collection is pretty sweet though, if I didn't already have them all.

Fixay2499d ago

Cheap Kinectless xbox? Are you kidding me lol

I own a PS4 which is roughly if not the same price as the Kinectless xbox, but dam it is not cheap!

I will be picking up an XBOX during November when the chiefs master collection launches! Can't wait for that

But yeah at the moment prices are for from cheap, but reasonable considering the spec you get

JasonKCK2499d ago

I admit the show was non stop games. Half the show was games coming out this year. Phantom Dust is what makes me want to buy an X1. That was the highlight of the show for me.

3-4-52499d ago

$60 Halo Collection + $400 Kinect-less XB1 = Win.

I want one now and I was almost 90% set on getting a PS4.

Kind of easier since I had an og xbox + 360, but I was still leaning towards the PS4.

Now I'm leaning towards an XB1.

Teddy-Duchamp2499d ago

Could uncharted 4 sway you back to ps4 ?

Lol, Just messing fella.
Im sure the day will come, when they'll both be affordable to own together, for most gamers.
If we want!

Rules are: just enjoy whichever one you purchase.

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Thatguy-3102499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

With exclusive Dlc and multiplatform games??? Lol at the end of the day it's just personal preference I guess. I would see why someone that loved halo would jump on the Xbox one now that it has a cheap price point.

Robearboy2499d ago

from what I saw, there were Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, project Spark, FH2, Phantom dust, the platinum games exclusive, Super duper dead rising 3 extra alpha papa tango ex plus alpha, halo 1-4 refurbs, Crackdown 3 - that is a little more that Multiplats and DLC

MysticStrummer2499d ago

Most of those were either known about already or everyone knew they were coming eventually. There was very little new stuff to be seen, and CGI doesn't have nearly the same impact as gameplay or even in-engine cutscenes.

Remember, some of those games were shown early supposedly to make room for exciting new stuff.

To each his own, but I saw nothing that would make me want an XB1 anytime soon and I honestly expected to see just that.

Thatguy-3102499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Not saying it was a bad showing or anything I'm just saying that they didn't show anything that would convince someone miraculously to get an Xbox one. The case is that you were either already planning to get one regardless.

firelogic2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Your list consists of 5 Halo games, a CG trailer for Phantom Dust (which means you're hyping something you have no info on). A CG trailer for Scalebound (which means you're hyping something you have no info on), a piece of DLC, and a CG trailer for Crackdown (which means you're hyping something you have no info on).

Project Spark doesn't even register cuz it's a UGC "game."

They didn't show anything of substance in terms of exclusives outside of Sunset Overdrive.

Phantom Dust, Scalebound, and Crackdown could all be phenomenal games but as of right now, zero gameplay.

You guys should be experienced enough not to get hyped over a CG trailer.

DevilOgreFish2499d ago

"With exclusive Dlc and multiplatform games???"

you don't know what you're even talking about. Forza horizon 2, Quantum break, Phantom Dust, Scalebound, crack down 3, and sunset overdrive aren't even...ffforget it i'll just agree with your smart conclusion.

SpideySpeakz2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Quantum break wasn't even shown, Phantom dust, scalebound, Crackdown and Halo 5 are all CGI. The only exciting thing they shown was Inside, and Overdrive.

firelogic2499d ago

Yeah you keep bringing up that list of games but outside of sunset overdrive, you have no idea what the games even look like or play like.

10/10 conference filled with cg trailers and timed exclusive dlc. MS rocked it!

Bennibop2499d ago

I would hold deciding until everyone has shown there cards! If you have already decide you were always going to buy an x1. All I seen during presentation were multiplies and cgi trailers!

tigertron2499d ago

The Master Chief collection closed the deal for me a long with the Halo 5 beta. Looking forward to it. :)

avengers19782499d ago

If your that into Halo, wouldn't you have always been planning on getting an XB1, or already have one.

tigertron2499d ago

I was planning to get one next year for Halo 5, but now I'm getting one this year for the Master Chief Collection.

Mrtemper2499d ago

Why are there disagrees on this comment? Smh

Porcelain_Chicken2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Because The Master Chief collection DIDN'T close the deal for him! DUH! lol jk.

Personally i was hoping for a few Megaton announcements. It let me down a few times like opening up with the yearly CoD sprinkled with timed exclusive dlc. Followed by 4 multiplats!!! And like others have said too much cgi. I gotta give them props though, Phil said games and we got? Games. No Tv bs. No excuses or PR bumbling. The man kept his word. All in all it was a pretty decent show in my honest opinion.

I'm kinda shocked because The Master Chief collection seems like the highlight for most people. The HD collection was the highlight... Like i said it was NOT a bad show, and i'm definitely considering an Xbone now but it isn't a must-have for me yet.

The ball is in your court Sony, permission to blow us away.

Flutterby2499d ago

Why are there agrees then? If you can't disagree you can't agree either right?

BlackTar1872499d ago

Yea TBH if you're a huge halo fan i fail to see how them showing Halo would do anything for you?

if you're a huge fan then you have a 100% chance halo is on Xbox one i fail to see how that could sway a huge halo fan since the series showing up was always 100% guarnteed

Fixay2499d ago

Same here! Halo 3 is the game I'm looking forward to playing online the most, despite it not being a complete overhaul it was one of my favourites on the X360.

Hopefully by November I'll be able to pick a nice bundle deal up

Veni Vidi Vici2499d ago

Um, I really don't get why people are so excited about being sold games they already own. I'd be excited if I didn't own those Halo games but most people that had an Xbox 360 already own them.

It's a marketing scam, IMO. We'll sell you stuff you already own but it's "shiny" and all together.

tigertron2499d ago

"I really don't get why people are so excited about being sold games they already own."

You raise a good point, but better graphics, better resolution, better frame rate and dedicated servers for a smoother online experience makes it a worthwhile purchase for fans, especially as the games are great. I'm sure many will love to replay Halo 2's multiplayer with a fresh lick of paint.

Veni Vidi Vici2499d ago


I guess having dedicated servers is a pretty good incentive. The other stuff doesn't sell me, though.

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HaveAsandwich2499d ago

Didn't convince me, but i'll probably buy one for halo and gears.

Ninver2499d ago

is that all you dudebro basement dwellers play? how sad.

HaveAsandwich2499d ago

well, that's all they have that interests me in the least, right now. so...