Battlefield Hardline beta crashes Origin servers

If you're trying to sign up for the Hardline beta good luck because right now EA's servers are completely overloaded, giving countless users serious problems signing up for the newly announced beta.

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Mikey322302505d ago

Yeah i went to sign up for the beta, but cant remember my origin account.

You are unable to create a new account, or "forgot password"

mrbojingles2505d ago

No one remembers their Origin account! ZING!

Seriously though I do enjoy their free games like Dead Space from time to time.

Steven36572505d ago

I managed to sign up and it greeted me with this :

Thank You for Signing Up!

We hope to see you on the streets of Battlefield Hardline soon. We will be sending you an email to let you know if you get in.


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TheBurger292505d ago

I got that too but when I singed up again it gave me a download link, just keep trying!

Metamorph932505d ago

They did say be quick and that it was first come, first serve.

Eldyraen2505d ago

I managed to get into PS4 beta (showed 7% of keys remaining when I finally got it to work) but PC never went through :(

I can live with it as still gives me something interesting to 'test' for a while ;)

mydyingparadiselost2505d ago

A wonderful preview of the game to come!

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