Nintendo Uploads Trailers For Major Third Parties

Nintendo shows off some new footage of major third party games.

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randomass1712503d ago

It isn't very much, but it's something and that's better than nothing. I'll see if Watchdogs is any good and of course I'll check out Sonic Boom. :)

LOL_WUT2503d ago

Its enjoyable and fun to play I didn't get GTA5 so I can't make any comparisons. I was going to PM you but you still have me blocked so congrats on getting your WiiU ;)

randomass1712503d ago

I don't accept your congratulations since, rather than show positive support, you've mocked me a number of times for being unable to afford any new consoles up until now, among other things. Apologize for being obnoxious and then maybe we can talk on a friendlier level.

Fixay2503d ago

How are you finding the WiiU?

I got one recently and personally love it

randomass1712503d ago

I am consistently getting my butt kicked in Mario Kart lol. But so far the console experience has been great! The initial update took a around twenty minutes to download and install in total, but after that the thing has been speedy and just running great! I love the console and I look forward to getting more games for it. :)

deafdani2503d ago

Add me, man! Let's see if we get some races in Mario Kart. :3

Neonridr2503d ago

Agreed - I haven't even begun to delve into MK8 but I am looking for excuses.

Feel free to add me (not you Dani, I already have you)

NNID - Neonridr

Fixay2503d ago

Yeah when I got mine I was sat doing update after update for over an hour lol

Surprised how much I use the Off TV feature though. Overall I'm happy and can't wait for smash

Hope E3 made your purchase that much more justifiable

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Metallox2503d ago

"Uploads trailers for major third parties". You mean just one.

BlackWolf2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

There's more than one. Just open the article link, or go to the direct source. The poster only added the embed for the Watch Dogs trailer.

KonsoruMasuta2503d ago

Don't mind him.

The majority of the people here don't actually click the links to the articles.

Metallox2503d ago

Watch Dogs is the only AAA that is coming to Wii U, oficially. It's not that I don't click on articles and stuff. Don't try to count Disney Infinity 2.0 and Skylanders Trap Team, One Piece or whatever.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2503d ago

Atlus - Persona Q
Konami - YuGiOh 3DS game
Namco - One Piece and Pac-Man
Capcom - Ace Attorney 1-3 3DS
Ubisoft - Watch Dogs

Also Indies

Sp1tfireXM2503d ago

Is it just me....or does this look surprisingly good for Wii U?!?!

Loadedklip2503d ago

Unfortunately when they showed this same exact sequence for the "next gen" systems as their commercial, it too was CGI.

josephayal2503d ago

I wasn't expecting it to look like the Xbone,PC and PS4 versions

KonsoruMasuta2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Why is Nintendo uploading all these trailers today? Why didn't they save them for the stream? Especially the English trailer for Persona Q.

Come on, Ninty. Save it for the stream.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2503d ago

So it can be Wii U focus since most that being uploaded are 3DS titles

Fixay2503d ago

I hope its fully WiiU focused

deafdani2503d ago

If this leaves more room for Nintendo to focus on other awesome stuff on the stream, then what's there to complain about?

Let's wait and see what they've got in store for us tomorrow before passing judgment, shall we? ;)

KonsoruMasuta2503d ago

Still, things like the Ace Attorney Collection and Persona Q are big. I would have preferred they give some of these things a little time to shine.

wonderfulmonkeyman2503d ago

They're saving data space for other games on their main presentation tomorrow.
They're getting these out today as a reminder that third party still supports Nintendo.

thehobbyist2503d ago

Nintendo is saving the stream for new stuff. Like their new IP and the new Zelda.

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TURKEYonWH3AT2503d ago

Shiiiit that was the best Watch Dogs trailer forreal lol

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