Battlefield: Hardline - First Official MP Trailer Shows 6 Min Of Gameplay, Closed Beta is Live

Electronic Arts has released the E3 gameplay trailer for Visceral Games’ Battlefield: Hardline, showing off 6 minutes of MP gameplay footage. Battlefield: Hardline’s closed beta is a go right now for PC and PS4.

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clmstr2497d ago

I don't get why people disagree with you (and now with me too). You've just perfectly described what has been shown.

shammgod2497d ago

people nut themselves over any type of shooter

sinjonezp2497d ago

Pissed right now at Sony. They networked crashed when the bf hard line beta opened up. When I clicked on it it was 91% available. But the ps4 crashed and said down for maintenance.

iamnsuperman2497d ago

I have never seen a trailer for a multiplayer game with so much of it being scripted. It was actually quite painful to watch (like that friend who tries to hard to be cool but ends up being weird)

CaEsAr-2497d ago

And the police guys who intentionally ignored the money carrier so he can run off. Pathetic lol. But that tunker suicidal was cool

InTheLab2497d ago

Add that to the fact that I came late to the stream and thought I was watching Battlefield 4. At least Medal of Honor had it's own identity. This game is exactly the crap we are all tired of with CoD. The annualization of franchises who'd be better off making expansions.

Detoxx2497d ago

I don't mind it being scripted. A Battlefield gamer knows that every round of Conquest Large is different and 'Only in Battlefield moments' are freaking awesome.

TOTSUKO2497d ago

I agree, the moments in Conquest large gets crazy intense and fun. I Love battlefield.

After seeing this is scripted, I can already tell the gameplay will be WAY more chaotic than this. lol

Please EA. Don't release it broken.

Nes_Daze2497d ago

It was underwhelming, can't believe I am saying this, but I liked the COD gameplay video better.

clmstr2497d ago

These games both looked boring to be completely honest. Although I understand Hardline is a spin-off, it still was/is painful to watch how EA is milking (again!) one of the best multiplayer FPS series ever.

Prototype_79L2497d ago

This game's multiplayer is a BF4 DLC, they try to sell it with a mediocre single player campaign as a whole game.

clmstr2497d ago

@Prototype_79L, yup, that's what I'm talking about. I mean, it's E3, it's a gamer's Christmas day, we all should be happy and cheerful, but come on. Sometimes we need to stop for a moment and try to understand what is going on.

psyxon2497d ago

Yeah, CoD's gameplay was totally not scripted. A guy just happens to get his arm stuck in a door super duper spontaneously. CoD's gameplay was the best I've ever seen from a shooter ever in history of all time ever.


Nes_Daze2497d ago

You think battlefield's campaign isn't scripted? have you played Battlefield 3 and 4?

modesign2497d ago

all that trouble and he ends up getting arrested. noob

MonChiChi2497d ago

I finally got it to work on ps4. I kept spamming the store and getting error until it would properly load, then I would exit and go to the BF4 window area. I finally got to where I got access but just had to download. After this point of spamming this, I finally got sent to psn download page for the beta but received error. Finally I went back to store, to my downloads and there it was and worked.

Dunno if this will help anyone but thought I would share.

Detoxx2497d ago

It seriously crashed 1 second after the Battlefield: Hardline Beta announcement.

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The story is too old to be commented.