From Open World Drivatars To Smugness Overdrive - The Rest Of Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

Dealspwn rounds up and comments on the smaller stories from Microsoft's E3 press conference.

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killercam192500d ago Show
lonewolfjedi2500d ago

basically dlc, multiplats, and exclusives here and there

Blues Cowboy2500d ago

Games games games.

More importantly, plenty of games THIS YEAR. Sony's first party studios will need to pull out a view surprises to counter Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Fable Legends etc - not to mention CoD, indies and all the multiplats.

Games games games. That's all we want when it comes right down to it, and it's great to see Microsoft delivering rather than getting sidetracked by services and entertainment (cool though they are).

mrpsychoticstalker2500d ago

Great stuff! Looking forward for Forza Horizon 2

HaveAsandwich2500d ago

so i wasn't the only person that thought the main character for sunset overdrive was embarrassing....

incendy352500d ago

The main character is "YOU" so yeah, not sure what you are saying haha. It is completely customizable. There is no main character, it is what you make it.

Blues Cowboy2500d ago

For the record, Dealspwn only has nice things to say about Sunset Overdrive - just took issue with the main character's intro and voiceover. Bit 'too cool for school,' perhaps, but looks properly fun nevertheless!

Docknoss2500d ago

Haha incendy bubbles up

HaveAsandwich2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

they didn't show any of that. just some jackass spouting off at the mouth. the main character is not "you", you're taking things too literally. yea, that's what they said, but it's simply character options. they're making the guy out to be a dick, is the whole point.

toddybad2500d ago

I've got a PS4 but I thought Sunset Overdrive was the star of the show. It looked FUN. In a way modern games often aren't. A bit silly, OTT, just blind stupidity. I liked the look of it.

incendy352500d ago

I gotta say I loved that event. No talking, no PR BS, just game after game. They nailed it. Personal favorite for me was Sunset Overdrive though, I thought the trailer was brilliant.. I was all like "damn, another FPS" :D. So funny. I didn't find it smug, just very well written.

Blues Cowboy2500d ago

Yeah great event - everyone's saying it's the best MS presser in years and they're not wrong. Spencer knows how to work a room... by leaving the stage and showing off great-looking games!

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