Madden 15 Gameplay Trailer E3 2014

Released during the E3 press conference by EA in 2014, Madden 15

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Yo Mama2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Same tired a$$ graphics.

I guarantee you they still have three or four identical cameramen standing side by side in the back of the endzone with the same synchronized animations.

I also wouldn't be surprised if the one Aaron Rodgers looking ref is back for a third year in a row.

gamerfan09092500d ago

Madden needs a complete overhaul. The AI is so outdated and the game plays nothing like a true sim. They need to take a year off the series, which they won't because they'd lose 100's of millions of dollars, and rebuild the entire game to make a real sim. I have no clue how the NFL game license works, but I hope 2K or some studio out there can make a true NFL sim. This post is not meant to shit on EA. Making yearly sports games like this is not easy and it takes a lot of work, but NFL fans need something new.

StockpileTom2500d ago

The worst part is the QB AI... it is so terrible no matter what you have the difficulty sliders on.

Yo Mama2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Yep. They need a completely NEW engine. But they can't/won't because they don't have the time. You'd think they'd switch to a similar development cycle as COD. Maybe have two or three teams alternating years. That would buy them time to take a year or two off to make a brand new engine. But they have no need to because gamers eat it up every year.

Blachek2500d ago

What's the most alarming to me is that they aren't being resourceful in the progression of this series. Take the EA NCAA team was largely disbanded after the college lawsuits popped up... why not poach your own talent from your own team with intimate knowledge of the game of football and design tools and let them build you a shiny knew engine that integrates what fans are asking for without hamstringing your own yearly production schedule?

Silver_ShadoWolf2500d ago

But that doesn't do anything. Call of Duty has been the same ever since… Call of Duty! They change out, but use the same mechanics. I wish the series would go Third Person. Make it tactical. Stop making kids think war is just run and gun.

iceman062500d ago

Totally agree. You can tell, if you have played Madden in the last 5 years or more, that they have just kept stacking on top of an outdated engine. That's probably why things like AI don't really advance. It's more like guessed scripting than actual reactions. Plus, I just hate that they continually "refocus" the game...alternating between "this year we've focused on the offensive side" and "this year we've focused on the defensive side". When, in the 26 years of Madden will they say "we have a COMPLETE game of football"!?!
I think what they could do, to buy them a year. Is seriously just release a roster/tweak DLC for a year while they completely overhaul the game. It's not like people wouldn't get it, unless some surprise competition comes calling, since it is the ONLY NFL game.

Blachek2500d ago

If you've played Superstar mode or w/e it's called now, where you control just 1 player. There needs to be more variety to make it interesting, particularly on the defensive side. I agree QTE's aren't necessarily what the game needed, but the defensive side of the ball was in dire need of change. I would have been happy if they took the existing controls and made them even remotely useful. I think anybody can agree that once you are locked up and blocked on the defensive side you might as well put your controller down.

IC3_DEMON2500d ago

to be honest the most rascist trailer ever, if you see it.

johny52500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I don't know much about football but does anybody know which game had the best tackle animations or in-game animations in general?

I know Backbreaker had some good dynamic tackle animations but in ones opinion which game has the best physics and animations in football?

lsujester2500d ago

Backbreaker had the base of what could have been a great football game, but camera angle made it very difficult to play at times. Couple that with not having the NFL, it was never going to go that far.

jmc88882500d ago

Madden 64 had the best physics hands down.

If you made a small guy they would be easily tackled.

If you made a 7 foot 400 lb guy you ran over them.

I'm still waiting for another Madden which actually takes into account things like height and weight.

If you have a big QB, he should be harder to bring down.

If you have a small safety, running backs should be able to knock them over.

Granted there's other ways to use physics, but if the collisions 'animate' like there's physics, but they throw out height, weight, momentum, then it's just bs.

Madden has gotten better 'physics' animations, without having actual physics determine what happens.

iceman062500d ago

IMO, Backbreaker had the best physical (true physics) interactions that I have seen. However, due to the limited knowledge of the devs about the actual game, it didn't really reflect the game of football. Madden has a good suite of animations. Their issue has more to do with the lacking physics involved in the interactions. (though they are improving). There are just some nuances that Madden misses.
NFL 2K5 was a game WELL ahead of its time. It had branching tackles and various animations literally 10 years ago. Its been overshadowed now. BUT, if 2K were to come back to football, there would be MANY football enthusiasts excited about that.

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