E3 2014: Next Mass Effect Teased By EA And Bioware

"Entering EA, one of the most speculated upon announcements was that of the next entry in the highly successful Mass Effect series. While we didn't get a reveal during Microsoft's conference, the publisher behind the scenes, EA, took the opportunity to tease the next Mass Effect for the first time."


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-Foxtrot2508d ago

If it's a new region of space i hope they get rid of thermal clips and go with the cool down weapons. They make more sense in a future sci fi game

crxss2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

that's a step backwards fox... we want to move forward.

-Foxtrot2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )


How is a step backward...ammo, I mean thermal clips are step backward

It's the FUTURE and they still have ammo, have you actually saw what they written into the backstory to explain why they started to use thermal clips, it's hilarious and doesn't make sense.

If the gun went back to it's cool down state after you had gone through your thermal clips fair enough but once they are gone you can't use them.

It's just a huge step backward for humanity in such well developed futuristic setting to go back to universal ammo instead of developing their tec to make cool down weapons faster.

crxss2508d ago

go play Mass Effect 1

-Foxtrot2508d ago

I've played it muktiple times and I think it's great despite it's flaws

Cool down weapons made it feel mopre about statergy and made you use everything you had at your disposle while your weapons cooled down

It made you use your biotics, choose your squad mates carefully and even where they were on the map.

ME2/ME3 just made it into a massive shooter where your could just blast your way through most battles.

Agent20092508d ago

So, weapons are your biggest worry for the next Mass Effect?

crxss2508d ago

lmao i know right? haha

-Foxtrot2508d ago

What's wrong with that?

Godmars2902508d ago

Just concept sketches, a few environmental renderings, and the devs talking up the lore.

Pretty much Bioware saying "Please be excited".

ExposingLames2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I am kind of excited as I love the series. The sour note that it went out on won't change though. Man what a disgraceful end to an absolutely amazing game. It was almost as bad as the ending to the Sopranos. Not to mention, one of the biggest draws (your choices mattering from game to game) turned out to be an extreme bust.....remember what the huge game ending decision of mass effect 2 meant? lmao.

modesign2508d ago

piss poor conference at best, only gameplay from sports titles and the big titles get "behind the scenes" trailers.

-Foxtrot2508d ago

Honestly they should have a separate online conference like a Nintendo Direct for EA takes way too much time from the main EA conference. I'd rather see more on Dragon Age 3 and even the Sims 4 then sports stuff which are just the same games with better graphics.

SpideySpeakz2508d ago

Seriously, if these games are not ready to be shown then there's no reason to be upset. Obviously ME4 isn't in the stage where gameplay can be shown. Lower your expectations next time.

ginsunuva2508d ago

So... can someone tell me wtf is going on with Mass Effect?
This trailer showed me some trees.

F4sterTh4nFTL2508d ago

It is in early development and BioWare have only some concept footage to show at the moment.