Famitsu: New Pixeljunk Eden Images

Famitsu has posted new images of Q-Games next game in the Pixeljunk series: Pixeljunk Eden.

PoSTedUP5663d ago

this will be challenging, i seen some game play and it looks good, sort of like Loco Rocco Chorrocho but with out the butterfly. loco rocco is a cool ass game, very challenging.

crimsonfox5663d ago

stress how retarded this looks and i cant believe that some people act interested.

crimsonfox5663d ago

i never know why...the story of my nights-_-


In-Depth: PixelJunk's Baiyon vs. Katamari's Takahashi

Where do new game design ideas come from? It's the kind of question that might come to mind playing PixelJunk Eden or Noby Noby Boy for the first time. Here, game creators from both titles voice their perspectives on the subject of creativity in the video game industry.

This discussion between the two creators offers various insights into their views on what matters most to creating enjoyment through game design.

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gumgum995129d ago

They come from drugs...looots of drugs.

gumgum995129d ago

I enjoyed this interview very much. It brings many questions that I commonly ask myself when it comes to the current state of our industry.

Nidzumi: Baiyon Interview: Discussing Eden, Encore 2 & Music

Nidzumi writes: We recently had a chance to quiz Minimal House Music Producer and Graphic Designer, Baiyon. Better known with in the games industry as the man behind the music and visuals in a game succinctly known for it's unique audiovisual style, Pixeljunk Eden. We find out about cut features of Eden, what Baiyon would love to move onto and the possibility of a second encore expansion for Eden.


Q-Games is a PSN Juggernaut

Q-Games is a small Kyoto, Japan based company that has come a long way since its first release of PixelJunk Racers. Since then they have released two more installations in the series: Monsters and Eden. Because of the continued success of these titles, the developers have continued to support these titles by releasing expansions.

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xabmol5356d ago

I've never thought about a PSN title as a "Day 1" purchase. I will always be exited to see a new pjGame.

PirateThom5356d ago

I've found PSN has a lot of games I pick up on day 1.

I mean, PixelJunk Eden is a prime example of a game that really is instant buy.

chaosatom5356d ago (Edited 5356d ago )

I just finished monsters on casual difficulty. And got 42 spectra's on Eden.

both are AMAZING games. From graphics to sound, they define quality gaming!

I spent more hours on eden, than i usually do on a $60 retail game.

coolcole935356d ago

My favourite PSN game, even better than Warhawk and Burnout: Paradise, is Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Poweres Battle Cars. Check it out :)

chaosatom5356d ago

They make PP ashamed of ever owning a xbox.

blusoops5356d ago

Although it wasn't a day 1 purchase for me, (since i didn't know what it was, and wasn't familiar with the quality this studio puts out) i played eden to death. Got all the spectras and all the trophies. Definitely gets harder and more interesting towards the end!! SSHD was day 1 for me tho. Don't regret it. Love PSN titles. Great quality.

Kappa Mikey5356d ago

yes they are a juggernaut! who agrees?

lloyd_wonder5356d ago

Pixel Junk= quality

nuff said no complaints