BioWare Reveals More Dragon Age Inquistion

BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn delivered more information about Dragon: Age Inquisition with breathtaking gameplay which featured an amazing battle against a dragon.

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Kal8532500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Still my number 1 want. But am I the only one who was a little disappointed at the quality of the battle gameplay? Cinematics look fantastic.

anticlimax2500d ago

How this action even resembles Origins is beyond me.

Archmagel2500d ago

Not too long ago they had a gameplay video where it went into strategy mode (topdown/isometric view), and you could direct everyone like an rts. Hopefully they don't do only action like DA2.

Eldyraen2500d ago

I'm hoping the hands on demos will show us all we want to know about the tactical controls.

PC users who are at e3 especially should want to know about it since it would be what, theoretically, works best with mouse and keyboard and is the most nostalgic for BG and DA:O fans.

Summons752500d ago

Well you know Bioware and keep promises aren't exactly friends you know. They also said Mass Effect 3 would be more of an RPG but then we got more 3rd person shooter.

anticlimax2500d ago

Killing off rpg-elements in favor of a more console-suited game does sound an afwul lot like their M.O.

fenome2500d ago

This is from PAX Prime last year, around the 4:30 mark has the tactical view, it shows it somewhere in the 6 and 8 mark as well:

They haven't begun to scratch the surface of this game yet

anticlimax2500d ago

Isn't it telling that we have to look halfway through last years video just to remember there is tactical view?

We all know it's there, now I want to see it be essential.

How it's meant to be played. Not a little extra to please the Baldur's Gate fans.

VanguardOfCalamity2500d ago

I kinda got a little Dragon's Dogma vibe - be looking forward to this game

theDivision2500d ago

Is this a 2015 release? The gameplay does look pretty interesting though.

nucky642500d ago

i've been looking forward to getting this on day 1....but i'm going to have to see more now. the gameplay in the video doesn't do it for me. the corny audio coming from the characters certainly doesn't help either.
i'm not saying i won't get it - but i need more than what's being shown here.

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