E3 Gameplay Trailer: FIFA 15

onPause writes:

EA Sports has just released the brand new hot off the press gameplay trailer for FIFA 15 which will hit stores later this fall.

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CarterMonsta2499d ago

EA is where trailers are better than their GAMES

toddybad2499d ago

That wasn't a gameplay trailer, let's be clear.That was cut scenes and bullshit. There was not 1 second of actual gameplay. even then, the players still look nothing like real life and neither do the fans. FIFA14 killed this fanchise with random events, bad referees and scripted play. Nothing in this makes me want to buy FIFA 15.

2499d ago
sameold2499d ago

I was ready to be amazed... didn't happen.

georgenancy2499d ago

man this e3 so far has been very underwhelming
i hope the uncharted 4 and the mk x gameplay reveal will impress

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