Warframe Announced for Xbox One

A European video game rating popped up late last year for an Xbox One version of the free-to-play shooter, but now developer Digital Extremes has confirmed that Warframe is coming to Microsoft's console via the [email protected] program. Warframe is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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user14394142126d ago

Nice :) Better LATE than NEVER. XoXoXo

DigitalRaptor2126d ago

Good news, and hope Xbox fans enjoy it. It's great.

Goku7812126d ago

Now watch everyone with an Xbox One said its a good game.

TRD4L1fe2126d ago

Nah still looks like a garbage game

Father__Merrin2126d ago

its actually a pretty good f2p game

SpinalRemains1382121d ago

Only its not garbage. At all.

Foraoise2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

Goku, I know right?! Haha!

Terd, good catch, bud. You'll do fine as an xbot.

TRD4L1fe2126d ago

Ill continue to enjoy Titanfall. You can keep your warframe

Foraoise2125d ago

Haha! Nice reply. Keep trying. Maybe tell that to someone who cares about Titanfall.

modesign2126d ago

theres a reason this was a free to play title.

Volkama2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

2 common misconceptions on free to play.
-free to play games are free because they are bad
-free to play games are free because x publisher loves us.

It really is just a payment model that someone feels will earn more money than a tradition retail model. It speaks nothing of quality or generosity.

Having said that, it's a payment model that usually stinks, and makes the associated game stink.

mike_honcho2126d ago

I have warframe and it's hands doesn't the best f2p game over ever experienced.. also yeah u can spend money to unlock certain things but there is not a single (lframe(character) or weapon that can only be bought with real money.. same goes for 98% of cosmetic items.. usually I'm my experience that's where f2p games usually tag you for cash.. this game is outstanding and has won's best f2p game this year.. the devs are amazing hey listen to everyone's feedback.. I can't even begin to count home many game mechanics have been changed cuz of the community feedback.. not to mention the contest they have that add in user created content.. everything from weapons, frames, enemies, skins, etc has had some iteration of being created by a community member.. they host streams every other week on twitch with an assortment of devs updating everyone on what they're working on and what's coming as well as answer questions.. and they host a weekly stream where the 2 community manager girls get online and play through missions with people and show off fan art.. I can honestly say I've never seen dedication from a dev team like digital extremes.. they are one of a kind and I think other devs should follow suit..

NatureOfLogic_2126d ago

It really is a fun game. Too bad console loyalty kept them from playing it for so long. I'm looking forward to more f2p game announcements for PS4.

DevilOgreFish2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

"Now watch everyone with an Xbox One said its a good game."

honest opinion-
can be expensive, linear to no story at all. own it on PC, still haven't gotten to it. it does have good art though. just wished it wasn't a multiplayer game.

Mrtemper2126d ago

Steam is the better place to play anyway.

AnEwGuY2126d ago'll still be the same garbage it was when it first launched on PC well over a year ago.


it's a shame people are so quick to put the game down when they have not tried it or given it a real chance.

Warframe is good fun. it is very and I mean VERY grindy!

I have put more time into warframe then I have any other game on the ps4.

it's one of those games that on paper you would think does not have a lot going for it but once you get hooked you will lose your hours of the day with this game.

it will get better as they add a lot more stuff. I do think it's coming to xbone at a bad time with so many other great games coming out, but it's free so why not give it a try

geddesmond2126d ago

Lol exactly. It is a great game though.

XStation2126d ago

I been playing it on my PC and now will gladly enjoy it on my Xbox One with friends.

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Lou Ferrigno2126d ago

Who cares if it's on Xbone, I for one love it and think it's an awesome game ,especially for a F2P model.
Don't hate, appreciate

Crazay2126d ago

I knew this was coming. My buddy works on the game. They started working on the port for it last year.

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