E3 2014: Why the Master Chief Collection Puts Other Greatest-Hits Compilations to Shame

The rumors were true. 343 Industries is indeed working on a 10th anniversary edition of Halo 2, but that classic 2004 shooter is going to be bundled alongside Halo 3, Halo 4, and the original Combat Evolved as part of The Master Chief Collection.

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christocolus2499d ago

I swear this was one of the biggest announcement at the show if not the biggest. Halo 2 comes with all new cinematics and bits and pieces of stories to prepare us for the events of halo5.guardians,includes halo 1 -4, over 100 mp maps,halo5 mp beta, ridley scot series,dedicated servers....all for $59.99? cant even argue with this. Day one for sure.

Captain Qwark 92499d ago

hell a remastered or even untouched halo 2 would have been enough. this is just wild. makes me want an x1 lol oh well though, im excited for sony tonight.... im sure they will have plenty to compete!

GdaTyler2499d ago

They better or I'll be pissed.

gamerfan09092499d ago

I think they'll have a great conference. I was told by someone the rumor going around is that GOW is going for a late 2015 release date. If they come out with The Order, Uncharted 4, and GOW next year that's probably the biggest first party release schedule ever created.

Captain Qwark 92499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

id love to see GOW, im over uncharted though unless they introduce some serious new features in the next one. i thought the new tomb raider was vastly better than all three uncharted games.

i also could care less about the order.

i want rpgs, a new ratchet perhaps, and some more of their old adventure games like medievil

or a classic like jet moto although i doubt that will ever happen lol

darthv722499d ago

Just needing a little clarification on something. Halo anniversary had the nice touched up visuals from the use of the halo reach engine (could have been halo 4, i dont remember exactly).

And now halo 2 is getting the same treatment but will it be the same as halo anniversary (same engine) and what of halo 3? Will that one be halo 3 ported to xb1 or will it too get the hd touch up as well?

halo 4 looks damn nice and I'd imagine to fit all 4 games on one disc then they are all likely to be using the same graphic engine (hopefully) or we are just getting halo anniversary, halo 2 anniversary, halo 3 (original) and halo 4 (original).

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3-4-52499d ago

ALL the Halo games + Multiplayer maps on dedicated servers ? Hmmmmm

I think I kind of want an XB1 now.

The main problem with Halo is that after Halo 2, they started giving us like 9 maps instead of like 25.

Having 100 of the best Halo maps to play ALL AT THE SAME TIME = awesome.

I'm not even interested in the campaign although I may actually try it now, but this + $400 no kinect makes me reconsider NOT getting an XB1.

Well Played Phil Spencer.

truefan12499d ago

Definitely a fantastic collection scheduled around Christmas people are going to be snatching this collection up like crazy.

starchild2499d ago

I'll have to get an Xbox One at some point for this amazing remaster bundle and for some of the other neat looking games.

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theRell2499d ago

It's how you do it, give the people true value. There's no comparing that amount of content for that price, unheard of.

Lawboy22499d ago

I really can't wait for this...This announcement was the only thing that brought a smile to my face...

incendy352499d ago

If that Sunset Overdrive trailer didn't make you smile, I don't know what will :D

Lawboy22499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

It was amazing but I've been hyped for sunset since May 8th but I've seen a lot about the game's already preordered...i also was upset there was no pvp only Co op...still excited for the game but I almost lost it at work when I saw the halo collection

also over 100 maps to play on in MP mind blown..omg I'm so stoked for halo collection

incendy352499d ago

Yeah, they really went all out! Epic collection. Especially excited about replaying Halo 2 remastered, been so many years.

0P-Tigrex2499d ago

I agree. This was the only true "megaton" at the show. If wouldn't have already played the games i would've bought an X1 for it. but sadly...

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