MP1st - Battlefield Hardline Preview - Bad Boys, Bad Boys

MP1st - Led by the team at Visceral Games, Battlefield Hardline will take the series to the crime-filled streets of the Unites States of America, bringing things a little closer to home and opening your eyes to an entirely different theater of war. A military-fought all-out war on land, sea, and air this is not. Equipped with tasers guns, police batons, baseball bats, and balaclava masks, Hardline will let you play out the more familiar and relatable cops vs. robbers fantasy, taking advantage of Battlefield's renown first-person shooter gameplay mechanics.

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Santana2503d ago

Sounds better than I expected.

venom062503d ago

its pretty much what alot of us expected.. it really does look fun as hell to play.. kinda funny stupid people are saying it looks reskinned, when its a KNOWN FACT that they're using the same engine... can't wait to hop into the beta on this one..

cfc832503d ago

Couldnt be less interested. I think Dice should scrap Battlefield, and work on something different after Star Wars. EA are ripping the ass out of it.

venom062503d ago

one of the best lines from the article.. "I’m totally okay with a laid-back, light-hearted, and more playful Battlefield experience, as long as it’s fun, bug-free, and offers that “tight” and “snappy” gunplay"