Analysts discuss Nintendo's hardware, Pachter says Nintendo should stick to hardware but ditch Wii U

"I don't think Nintendo should exit the console hardware business, but ... it should consider getting out of the Wii U business, and consider going back to the drawing board on consoles. Nintendo has a console in the marketplace that isn't working, and if it continues to tilt at windmills, its software sales will suffer." - Michael Pachter

"Mario Kart's launch is pretty important in the midterm. That should be a good test on the amount of interest there is in the [Wii U] platform in general. ... Nintendo has to generate momentum—and that means having a slate of great games. They're in wait-and-see mode right now. They're buying time to come up with the next great console. I don't think they rush anything." - P.J. McNealy, founder of Digital World Research

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SpiralTear2503d ago

Way to change your tune on a dime there, Mike.

keegamer802503d ago

I don't think Nintendo needs to ditch the Wii u. They have a good library of games out now. Plus there is more to come.

Vegamyster2503d ago

Ditching it now will just destroy consumer trust just like it did with Sega, Iwata already said they won't abandon it.

wonderfulmonkeyman2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

This idiot still hasn't learned from the string of events that sent Sega out of hardware?
Do we have to beat him over the head with a Dreamcast before he realizes ditching the wii u early is a stupid idea that would puts off more users than it enticed?
Actually, let's just beat him over the head with a Dreamcast regardless of whether or not he learns any better...

Knightofelemia2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Why waste the Dreamcast it still a great system. Throw some old ET Atari cartridges at him. But never do that to a Dreamcast I'd rather play it and remember the good ole Sega days.

RPGrinder2503d ago

"The 3DS hand-held system, meanwhile, which has been a savior for Nintendo in recent years, disappointed as well, selling 12.24 million in fiscal 2014 versus a projected 13.5 million units."

Still higher than every other system selling the most software too

Why does CNN ignore half of NIntendo?

Dunban672503d ago

As much as I believe Nintendo made many mistakes re the Wii u and it's software - I agree w Iwata re sticking w the Wii u till it's current fan base is happy - why would a company burn its 6 million most loyal customers? That would cost them a ton of brand equity that would take years to re build - as it is now they already have enough brand equity to re build before they launch thier next console - I think when they do release thier next home or handheld console, it will take a lot of convincing to get the market to buy in early instead of wait for plenty of software and a price drop

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The story is too old to be commented.