Holic? "Movie like" (Inspired from MGS4)

This person makes a point. From the released MGS4 reviews. Many of the reviewers have downgraded the score, because of the cutscenes. But, isn't the game famous, because of the cutscenes? Read what this person wrote:

~WarTransformsUS~ thinks there should be a whole new genre. MGS4 expresses the new genre. Its a genre, when the game is detailed to have many cutscenes to make the game, "movie like". MGS1 and 2 could fit into this. Also, the new Bourne Game too, as there are also lots of cutscenes for this game. The GTA series could also fit into this, as there are many cutscenes also in those games. I dont think its fair complaint about the cutscenes, if the game is famous from exactly that.

I would call the new genre:
(Holick, is the way you say it.)

(Holl means Hollywood, and ic, means Epic)

If you want to see the original post, you may have to scroll all the way down the link.

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vegnadragon5662d ago

You know what, i like it and it makes sense.

sonarus5662d ago (Edited 5662d ago )

WTF. N4G needs to change. Appoint new mods to clean up mess like this appearing as news. This is the dumbest attempt for a news post i have seen in a long time.

People need to understand THIS IS NOT A FORUM. People who post these stories and people who approve clearly didn't read the N4G rules. I say ban them or take away their privileges.

Anyway that being said, dude makes a good point. GTA4 has cut scenes for every mission and the cut scenes look like crap. Its silly for reviewers to whine about cut scenes when GTA4 surfers the same thing. Most people just love to find faults in MGS4 and that is a simple case of finding unnecessary faults. Its all good though no love lost, i say bring on the 90min cut scenes, i am ready

mattkelly19915662d ago

Why mark down MGS4 for long cutscenes. Lol. Thats a selling point for me. I love the reward of seeing some snake action after sneaking past a part.

darkshiz5662d ago

It's critics, they point the dumbest thing to mark it down for.

They don't like the cutscenes? I guess they never knew they can skip it.

Bubble and Squeek5662d ago (Edited 5662d ago )

It isn't the fact that there are cut scenes. But rather the shear length and quantity of them, and the way the game rudely takes control away from you as if it cannot trust you to do things properly. I have absolutely no problem with a game being marked down for this.

Call me old fashioned. But if I shell out 50 quid on a game, I want to play a ****ing game, not watch a movie ;-).

CrazedFiend5661d ago (Edited 5661d ago )

Cutscenes in MGS4 are 100% skippable Bubble.

But face it, 99.9% of the people who play Metal Gear in the first place, play it for the story, which is one of the most well thought out stories in entertainment history. The cutscenes are a bonus for these people. Why mark it down for that?

(note: "well thought out" doesn't necessarily mean greatest, as that steps into the rhelm of personal preference).

Bubble and Squeek5661d ago

"Cutscenes in MGS4 are 100% skippable Bubble.

But face it, 99.9% of the people who play Metal Gear in the first place, play it for the story, which is one of the most well thought out stories in entertainment history. The cutscenes are a bonus for these people. Why mark it down for that?"

Game content is game content.

As such the review should accommodate it. If Konami knew critics (and by extention, a portion of the buying public) would be turned off, they should have put a rein on the cutscenes. If they want to maintain Kojima's 'artistic' vision, they should just swallow the slightly less glowing reviews and slightly lower sales.

Trying to have it both ways smacks of a petulent child having a tantrum when it doesn't get its own way.

I would also dispute the idea of the cutscenes being a "bonus." Bonuses are reguarly defined as something extra, not a necessary part of the form that has to be digested in order to understand the story.

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bioshock5662d ago

gr8....in this way nobodys gonna comnplain of cutscene which take alot of time to develop.....and the onces in mgs4 are from ingame engine awesome

Euphrate5662d ago

Metal Gear Series are there for the cut-scenes. Those critics, have no idea of games.

crimsonfox5662d ago (Edited 5662d ago )

your comment.

"Metal Gear Series are there for the cut-scenes." that part

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What is Going with the Splinter Cell Remake?

Announced in 2021, the ground-up remake has seen little to no updates this year. Check out some possible explanations here.

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Chocoburger7h ago

The game was announced much too early, but also people were hounding Ubisoft about Splinter Cell for years, so they wanted placate them by making the announcement.

It's normal for games to "go dark", no reason to worry about it. In our age of social media and glut of releases everyone has to turn everything into a big deal if they don't get what they want immediately. Just be patient and let them develop the game.

And let's hope they don't turn it into a modern Ubishit game, packed with mundane boring filler, and ways to artificially extend the length of the game. Experience points, skill trees, resource collecting, grinding for equipment upgrades. None of that trash belongs in Splinter Cell.

P_Bomb7h ago

Fond memories of the OG trilogy. Hope they do right by it.

Profchaos6h ago

Ubisoft and remakes seen to be cursed still waiting for Prince of Persia Sands of Time

RaidenBlack6h ago

well ... one thing's positive in that ... they're using the snowdrop engine for this remake, which looks better than Ubisoft's Anvil engine.
Snow drop is a stunning engine have been used in the Division series as well will be powering the upcoming Avatar and Star Wars Outlaws