E3 2014: For the Second Year in a Row, Microsoft Is All about the Games

GeekParty writes: "At their E3 2013 press conference, Microsoft spent most of their 90 minutes talking about games, games, and more games. You’re forgiven if you didn’t notice, though. They were on the defensive after a console unveiling that featured everything but video games."

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Sano642503d ago

"For the Second Year in a Row, Microsoft Is All about the Games"

Bull! Last year was all about "The cloud" TV and apps and lets not forget the joke about always online and DRM

kenshiro1002503d ago

What the heck was this journalist smoking?

theRell2503d ago

Yep, second year in a row. People confuse their E3 with their console reveal.

Orbilator2503d ago

Were was the biggies? Halo 5 and crackdown looked awesome but what else was there? Its nice to see they promoted games completely this year but would you open your e3 press conference with a third party title that's not exclusive. Surley halo should have been on first no ?