Microsoft E3 2014 Conference Review: Knocking The Ball Out Of The Park

"Microsoft's E3 conferences have been sort of a joke for years now. Starting 2010, the focus has always been on Kinect, media, apps, TV, and so on."

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Neonridr2499d ago

I thought the show was great and I don't even own an Xbox One. Too much garbage nowadays with speakers and fluff and nonsense. This was to the point, and all about the Games. Sure they didn't show anything about the next Gears or some brand new IP that nobody knew about (which would have made the show great), but the stuff they showed still looked great and will do nicely to help flesh out the Xbox One's library.

To me the game Inside was the star of the show. It looks simply fabulous.

Naga2499d ago

Agreed. A refreshing return to focusing on games.

pedrof932499d ago

It was bit a meh, the highest point was with no doubt The Halo collection, but nothing new was revealed apat from the Platinum games exclusive as for AAA goes.

It was ok.

user14394142499d ago

I much prefer that Microsoft have focused on brand new titles and exclusive NEW games. It was soooo refreshing to see Sunset Overdrive I can't wait to see what GAME they show next year at E3. XoXoXoXo

LOL_WUT2499d ago

It was very on point and a big improvement over their previous conferences I wish every E3 was like this. They get a B+ ;)

sinjonezp2499d ago

While I will give points to above, I felt it was underwhelming a little. Maybe due to the amount of leaks but they showed games that are multiplatform and the first party content did not blow me away. Additionally, way to many game cgi's was shown; and I was crazy excited to see crackdown, and all was shown was cgi. Even towards the end when Phile thanked everyone and they rolled the games trailer with everything shown, It was passable at best. Another issue is the 2015 announcements. I guess 2015 will be the year of the gamer. While I am the avid gamer, I just really wanted more out of Microsoft conference but kudos to showing nothing but games and not boring us with the same ole.

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iamnsuperman2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I think the major issue with the Microsoft conference is they have convince people to buy games in the future but not necessarily for the One which is what Microsoft really needs to address (something I mentioned in another comment that even Geoff, which surprised me since Geoff interviews are usually crap, brought up to Phil). It was great pacing and is was cool to see all these games but I think they are not in that position to do this

JBSleek2499d ago

People wanted me IPs yet those are likely not coming to Holiday 2015 or early 2016 so there is no reason to announce it. I think games like Watch Dogs have learned not to announce games too ahead of advance.

I agree with you on Inside it was just simply awesome. I am also looking forward to Sunset Overdrive.

They did show a new IP but people seem to not think it looks good and I tend to agree with that as well.

Overall to me its B+/A-. They only announced games and I was impressed with the games. Yes they showed multiplats but multiplats have been more impressive then exclusives from any first party as of right now. To me there is no game that excites me more than The Witcher 3.

UnHoly_One2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

"I think games like Watch Dogs have learned not to announce games too ahead of advance."

How exactly did they learn not to do that?? By selling 4 million copies in a week and breaking all kinds of sales records??

Yeah, I bet that taught them a thing or two.

Aceman182499d ago

it was a solid B for me nothing really surprising, and they were some meh type games like Fable :(, but overall pretty good presser.

Baccra172499d ago

I hear you. Phil at the helm has been the best thing to happen to MS. They had a great show and can;t wait to see what sony does now and how this console war will now play out.

MetaReapre2499d ago

I have to agree, this made me want to get an xb1 and that's how it should be. It was a spectacular show. Definitely going to get it once the kinectless version is out. Lol

truefan12499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I also think it was a good showing, but I will say there were a lot of multi plats and CGI trailers. I also think MSFT should have showed more excitement for the new XB1 exclusives. Scalebound and Phantom Dust(not new, but new) looked freaking awesome, but they introduced them like normal games. Crackdown showcased that the Cloud demo was saw for destructible buildings was in fact Crackdown, this game will be huge. Also I like the 2014 games coming.

Sunset Overdrive-Excellent showing
Halo MC Collection-Fantastic content for $60
Forza Horizon 2-Short trailer, but looks awesome
Fable Legends-Can't wait for the beta, looks awesome, really liked the villain mode.

Indie Games
Below, Inside, and Ori and the Blind Forest were fantastic.

Too much focus on multiplats, but they had first content on some really good ones. AC was shocking, but that 4 player coop was great, The Divison is stunning, I really want to try the Evolve Demo, Dragon Age was pretty good.....

Overall strong show about 80 minutes of games, but they didn't have enough energy for their BIG announcements. MSFT had good pacing, and some real gems. I still think they didn't want to go too far into the future with this showing, games like Halo 5, Quantum Break, and Gears were not even really shown.

Neonridr2499d ago

Quantum Break is at Gamescon. Remedy announced that not too long ago when they showed some initial gameplay footage.

christocolus2499d ago

I think it was a great show, some titles were obviously absent buti remember Phil saying they would move some games to events outside e3 and remember they have an event planned just before the japanese launch.

There will also be 4 more events before the end of the year. looking forward to so many titles now.its crazy.

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Software_Lover2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I give them an 85 out of 100. They did good. They do need to fire all of the leakers though. Nothing too damaging has leaked from Sony which is surprising.

Edit: The COD demo went on too long.

MysticStrummer2499d ago

Yeah I'd say 80-85 also. I was just expecting to watch it and think "Sony really needs to bring the pain tonight if they want to top that", but now I don't think Sony has a thing to sweat about other than hoping their live demos go off without a hitch. I don't think Sony's room busted out with laughs and high fives, but I think they probably relaxed a bit.

poor_cus_of_games2499d ago

It was all a bit meh. Hopefully EA will show something good.

Manic20142499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

It was great but i felt a little underwhelmed mainly due to the inclusion of many multiplats. Overall they brought the games, which all look great.

Bonkerz2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Great show, The master chief announcement was huge, Crack Down, Phantom Dust, Sunset Overdrive, Horizon 2, Inside, ScaleBound, and we know Quantum Break, Halo 5 guardians, and Gears of war. Excellent show if i must say, great job MS. Showed all games, and even every single multiplat showed has some sort of exclusive content for X1. O and the DR3 announcement was epic!

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