Major Nelson: Ninja Gaiden II demo will NOT be available in Canada and the U.S. tomorrow (June 3, 2008)

So this is the edit where I get to feel like an ass. As many of you know, I never usually post information about a demo until it is actually available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Well, with this post I went against that little voice in my head and gave you a heads up. I just received an email that proves I should have listened to that voice. It turns out the demo will NOT be available in Canada and the U.S. (in addition to India and Germany as noted above.) I don't know when a demo will be available for the other regions, but hopefully it will be by the end of the week (as originally stated.) My apologies. You can be sure that I am going to have a a few conversations with a some people about this.

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Breakfast5483d ago (Edited 5483d ago )


you suck

I wonder why though.

Imallvol75483d ago

We know they have the Demo. Is there a round table of MS executives that sit there and say "Let's just make them suffer a little longer."

Once again, this does not show much faith in your product.

Breakfast5483d ago

Usually bigger named product (not to sure if NG fits) dont have demos...i dont know...maybe im clutching at straws?

Imallvol75483d ago

I dunno. Heavenly Sword had a demo that blew me away. Ninja Gaiden on PS3 had a demo. Devil May Cry 4 had a demo.

And its not just that, its that we know there actually is a demo already finished. They are just not giving it to us.

Darkiewonder5483d ago

Already paid off the game so I don't care much for the demo now anyways.

power of Green 5483d ago (Edited 5483d ago )

LOL at Breakfast talking that stupid ass sh*t makes you wonder if he even owns a 360 saying that BULLSHIT sh*t; makes you wonder why he visits so many 360 threads not owning the console(trolling).

I know the PS3 has a lack of content but do you even own a PS3 saying that moronic sh*t?.

BilI Gates5483d ago

Oh shut the hell up. You're always crying about something.

power of Green 5483d ago (Edited 5483d ago )

Its like all I have to do is check 360 news to find you people. Of course the reason why you comment or visit is to see what kind of rise you can get out of 360 fans right? thats why you troll in 360 thread never leaving untill chased out lol.

Surely there is better things to do than troll every single piece of 360 news to set an anti MSFT tone in them(BILLGATES)24 fucin 7. sheesh.

Breakfast5483d ago

I like how you 'lol' at the end. It must mean something.


power of Green 5483d ago

Go EDIT that post in the gamerzone before its too late there's nothing more to say about it lol.

Breakfast5483d ago

Maybe its you whos clutching at straws.

Is that what you want me to change it to?


Aclay5483d ago (Edited 5483d ago )

@Power of Green: You are the most negative person I've seen on N4G man. You almost always have something negative to say. Just stick to commenting on the article and staying on topic and stop creating so much havoc for gods sake and shut up.

power of Green 5483d ago

Are you intrested in this news because you were waiting for the demo to decide on a purchase?.

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