E3 2014: Microsofts Presentation through the eyes of a Playstation fanboy

Sean Davies of talks through what impressed and worried him about Microsofts E3 presentation as a Playstation Fanboy.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2499d ago

I'm a playstation fan. I only game on playstation. But Microsoft's conference was hands down the single greatest E3 conference of all time. Not because of the quality of the games but the shear content and the way it was handled. 90 minutes of just... games.... 40 of them (including indies), 13 exclusives, 4 stage demos. I even enjoyed the commentary from the devs.

No pr bs, no sales figures, no social integration, only 1 kinect game, no gimmicks... JUST.... GAMES...

Now let's see how Sony responds :)

user14394142499d ago

I agree with you completely the Sony conference will be the best. XoXoXoXo

Cryptcuzz2499d ago

You can bet your buttocks that their were no sales figure, or talks of sales, because their sales pales in comparison to the PS4.

Overall, it is a lot better then their usual E3 showing (cough* Circus, white robes, Usher, TV, TV, and more TV)

I'm looking forward to Sony's show later on today and hope they too will make haste of any sales talks and show us even more exciting games to look forward to.

user14394142499d ago

This article is very BIASED, I do not approve it. XoXoXo

SuperYakuzaFan2499d ago

MOST of them MULTIPLATFORM and better on the PS4 in 1080p

FITgamer2499d ago

The Dorito Pope said the same thing to Phil lol.

sprinterboy2499d ago

From my playstation point of view it was a solid show, but 85% of it was Multiplats and where was quantum break. Sony imo has only got to show uc4, order monsters footageto beat ms conference. That's not even going into what they might show gt7, last guardian plus new ips. There was nothing from Ms new ips which was truly draw dropping imo, just my opinion though but will wait another 12 mths until I think about getting a xbone

pwnsause_returns2499d ago

at this point, they dont have to show TLG and they wont show it anyway..although i wish they did.

they can go conservative just because microsoft didn't show the exclusives..

Gamer6662499d ago

All about games, that's what everyone should want...

It was well balanced between multi-platform, exclusive, 2014 and forward looking.

At the end I was left feeling good about the future of my X1... Let's hope Sony does the same for the future of my PS4...

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