Xbox E3 ruined by leaks and early reveals

GGG writes about how Microsoft's E3 show was very good but ultimately damaged by leaks and early reveals.

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Bennibop2500d ago

Was really underwhelming. Not much gameplay and a lot of children trailers.

mrbojingles2500d ago

had these things not be known back in January and the $100 price cut been announced today, man that would have been epic.

Kayant2500d ago

The conference basically confirms ntrkl was a controlled leak because he leaked the core of the conference completely accurately that info has to have come from pretty high up position.

OT - Yh there was no real excitement for me because I knew everything apart from the third party and [email protected] games.

DVS-Zev2500d ago

The only thing i didn't like, and they do it every year, is the cringe worthy little moments of game characters looking at the screen and talking to us.

It was worse then ever this year lol

IrishSt0ner2500d ago

Yea leaks killed the event, we knew practically everything prior to today. Was fun to watch but nothing blew me away.

Boody-Bandit2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

And where was Halo 5 game play footage, Gears announcement and megaton exclusive stolen or new IP?

Where was actual gameplay footage of Horizon or Quantum Break?

What is the new Crackdown? Is it a sequel or online game?

I was really underwhelmed.

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