Nintendo Unleashes a Bunch of Trailers for Upcoming eShop Titles

Today sees the likes of Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft all hosting their very own E3 press conferences, but in would could be a bid to outshine their competitors, Nintendo have already released a flurry of new trailers for upcoming eShop releases on Wii U and 3DS.

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maniacmayhem2498d ago

Notice the difference with trailers for AAA games and smaller indie titles??

Triple A games usually have these super 90's like rock music screaming at 10+ volume while indies usually go for those quiet Mogwai, ambient type songs.


wonderfulmonkeyman2498d ago

Wait, the article says that Sony and Microsoft are doing their conferences today.
I thought E3 started tomorrow.
Am I missing something here?

jcnba282498d ago

Microsoft already had their conference today, EA's is on now. Sony's later. Nintendo is Tomorrow.

wonderfulmonkeyman2498d ago

Oh, so the others are doing their press conferences a day before E3 starts?

LOL_WUT2498d ago

@wonderful What are you talking about? E3 has already started as the poster above mentioned Nintendo's Digital event is tomorrow

randomass1712498d ago

E3's show floor event technically begins tomorrow while the big publishers are issuing their press conferences separate from the show floor today. This is for E3 but somewhat separate from the actual convention. So you can see it either way and still be right: today is the start of E3 and tomorrow is the start of E3.

deafdani2498d ago

It's pretty customary for the biggest publishers to start their conferences the day before E3. Every year, E3 (as in, the actual show with booths and stuff) starts on Tuesday, and most of the big conferences are usually held on Monday.

This really isn't anything new.

wonderfulmonkeyman2498d ago

Yeah, my bad.
Sleep deprivation due to overwork made me lose track of the days...

Spooney3232498d ago

Ah hh the quiet before the storm. Brace yourselves fanboys Ninty is coming!!!!!!!!