Xbox One: E3 2014: Better But Still Nothing To Get Excited Over

Skewed and Reviewed have posted their opinion piece recap of the 2014 Xbox One conference at E3 2014. While they say Microsoft did better than in years past, their focus on games that will be available on other platforms undermined the system and failed to give the needed boost of excitement the system needs.

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kopko2504d ago

I dont own the Xbox One, but i was quite satisfied. They were showcasing one game after another, also i wasnt bored, which is thumbs up for Microsoft from me. Phil did a good job in my opinion.

Garethvk2504d ago

What did you see that said pay 400 to play me when you can play almost all elsewhere?

corvusmd2504d ago

Trippin!!! No one says you can't like PS4 or Wii U...but if you don't want an X1 after that, you're not a true gamer. By the time they were done with what is coming THIS year, the conference was already a solid success.

Steven36572504d ago

Halo has never appealed to me and exclusive content is pretty meh.

MysticStrummer2504d ago

"if you don't want an X1 after that, you're not a true gamer."


Oh no I'm not a true gamer… again.


iamnsuperman2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Depends how you judge success. Microsoft's issue is to sell more Xbox One's but they are not going to do that by showing third party after third party game (especially trailers). That works later on, not this early in the cycle.

Funnily enough Geoff just asked on GT the issue to Phil (Geoff just asked aren't people going to be sitting and watching and saying all these games possibly look better on PS4)

One thing I can say about the conference is Phil is a good speaker and he has an amazing range of t-shirts. He changed every shot he is in (currently he is wearing a new t-shirt in the gt interview)

edit: djplonker Something about the 10% increase and the rest I can't really remember but it seemed more general and not really answering the question or counting the point

Mystogan2504d ago

It only looks like they showed a lot of third parties because they didn't separate them like they usually do.

They only showed COD,AC,Evolve,witcher,Division , Dragon age. The rest were first on Xbox and Exclusive.

I'm sure it like 50% exclusive and 10% first on Xbox and 40% Third party.

harrisk9542504d ago

what was Phil's response to Geoff's question about titles possibly looking better on PS4?

Thatguy-3102504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

The majority of the games are coming to the other platforms. Yea they showed games after games but we already knew and have seen most of them. Overall it was ok conference I actually think last year they had a better one game wise. But this is what happens when you announce a lot of things at once.

Dark_Overlord2504d ago

I still don't, while the HALO collection was nice, I'm not a big fan of online MP games, I don't like car games either (except Burnout) so that excludes Forza, most of the other games were multi-plats which will be available on the PS4.

I would've liked some gameplay from Platinum's game, but was CG only.

So there was nothing for me personally that warrants a purchase of an Xbox one (at the minute).


dodgemoose2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Note to self: you're not a true gamer unless you want an Xbox One console. Wait, what?

Does this make me a false gamer? Hmm.

kenshiro1002504d ago

You wouldn't know what a true gamer was even if it bit you. Cut the crap, seriously.

DigitalRaptor2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

It was a good conference.

Most of what they showed was multiplatform games that will be better on the PS4, indies that will probably also be on the PS4, remasters and CGI trailers for games that aren't coming out until 2016. And CGI only offers concept, not proof of concept.

It's a 7/10 conference simply because of the overwhelmingly multiplatform presence and only one semi-surprise/megaton in SCALEBOUND and I'm not even sure of how big of a deal that game will be. I can't see the other big two having a worse conference, especially if Nintendo shows Zelda and Smash Bros, and Sony shows The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4 and Project Beast. And we all know they have significantly more than that.

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BallsEye2504d ago

Awesome show! Just wish they would have shown halo 5 guardians more.

100+ MP levels in Master chief edition? HELL YEA!


Forza Horizon 2? It looked insane!!! Open world!

Ghost_Nappa2504d ago

Each halo has its own mp and maps. All run at 1080p60fps

Synthax2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Nothing to make you run and buy a console right now.

JackVagina2504d ago

MS showed 6 CG trailers...Cmon MS

LordMaim2504d ago

Exactly! The internet exploded when Killzone 2 showed a CG trailer, even though the final version was better than the target render. Where's that reaction now?

I can understand it for the games that were in "2015 and beyond" but what about for Halo 5? At least show something for that.

Hellsvacancy2504d ago

And a load of multiplay games

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