Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound by Platinum Games Gets Trailer

During the Xbox E3 press briefing currently being held in Los Angeles Hideki Kamiya announced Platinum Games “Scalebound” which will be released exclusively on Xbox One

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GarrusVakarian2500d ago

I had the same reaction with the Crackdown 3 reveal.....I WANNA SEE GAMEPLAY!

iamnsuperman2499d ago

It has always been apart of Microsoft and in general most third party conferences. Very few show what a game will actually look like and even fewer actual show gameplay at E3 conferences. Something that sucks about E3

NewMonday2499d ago

and this will be way far off, he still needs to finish Bayonetta 2 before starting development on this game, for a new game it will take 3 years minimum, but 4 years is more likely.

MysticStrummer2499d ago

Yeah when he said something about action on a whole new scale I thought ok this could be something here… but nope. Not yet anyway.

URNightmare2499d ago

When they showed gameplay from Halo 2 multiplayer, a game from ten years ago, instead of Halo 5, my mind got all confused and fckd up. Seriously, WTF?!

It's official, Sony will eat MS at night.....with no KY.

Godmars2902499d ago

"Very few show what a game will actually look like and even fewer actual show gameplay at E3 conferences."

That's because the actual game might not be seen for a few years. If ever.

That's what I hate about E3.

Army_of_Darkness2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

It's a Platinum Games "game" and exclusive to xbone... Won't lie, I'm a little jealous about this cause I love all the platinum games I've played so far( Bayonetta, Vanquish and metal gear rising) all very fun to play.

DevilOgreFish2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

URNightmare - "When they showed gameplay from Halo 2 multiplayer, a game from ten years ago, instead of Halo 5, my mind got all confused and fckd up. Seriously, WTF?!"

you do realize you're getting the mecca of a franchise for 1 price. (remastered in 1080p 60 fps.) whether or not you think that was crap, that's your opinion.

Halo 5 gameplay can come later for all i care, when it's ready. for now xbox will have plenty of games to play THIS year.

Kayant2499d ago

The thing that made my laugh the whole thing is what Misterx has been saying.... Man just a delusional group of people on that blog.

Also add fake stage demos.

ALLWRONG2499d ago

you know something is hot when an army of PS fans try and downplay it.

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user14394142499d ago

Looks like it could be good, Hopefully MS can get it to run at 1080p 30fps

ricochetmg2499d ago

With this devolper i have faith.

HappyWithOneBubble2499d ago

Gameplay won't look good like the CG that's for sure. The concept of the game is interesting.

TreMillz2499d ago

Honestly, it was a solid E3 for Microsoft. They focused on the games like they promised, but to be honest nothing that would make me buy an XONE before Black Friday or anything. Also there were new IPs but nothing to fully grasp my attention IMO. Will eventually pick one up.

HappyWithOneBubble2499d ago

I feel the same. MS did great though.

AngelicIceDiamond2499d ago

Yeah sucks its CG but these games are in early stages unfortunately. From the reveal it looks absolutely great.

2499d ago
styferion2499d ago

How To Train Your Dragon: The Videogame.

seems promising though, shame there's no gameplay shown.

dale_denton2499d ago

sony will show all gameplay, mark my words. M$.. good job trying to milk the CGI trailers for the bots.

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Dewitt2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

This game looks like it has so much potential, I am seeing it as XB1's 'X'.

-Foxtrot2499d ago

Didn't seem that interesting to be honest. More excited for Bayonetta 2.

Ninver2499d ago

The Division and Sunset Overdrive were the only standout games i was remotely interested in tbh. what a very underwhelming E3 by MS. I see the gap widening after such a show.

mkis0072499d ago

I think not showing gameplay is going to haunt them when Sony shows uncharted

JBSleek2499d ago

Wow you are tough to impress. As a gamer you aren't going to be impressed by every game that comes out. For example I'm not a racing fan but I'm sure the ones that do are loving Forza Horizon 2.

They gave people nothing but games and I'm impressed. I'd give the conference a B+/A-

iamnsuperman2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

The issue with their conference was:

Too many games which just meant we saw lots of trailers. We never saw any of the games in any real depth (a lot of those trailers weren't gameplay either which is another issue)

Of those games, too many were third party game (multiplats). Though I think Sony will have this issue too (since I feel the third party are going be selling these systems in Q4), they didn't sell their system very well. It was nice to see those games but we have third party conferences for a reason.

Microsoft were right in they will show game game game, but the direction was a bit off. It was better than last year but it wasn't a great conference

edit: @TrueTestament It is a problem when most are third party at a first party conference.

torchic2499d ago

too many multiplats and timed exclusive content for me to be wildly impressed. I'd give it an 8.5/10, all in all a very good conference

TrueTestament2499d ago

you wanted games games games and you got 'em.

Now it's too much games? lol

Volkama2499d ago

Iamsuperman this is just the main presentation though, it's all sizzle and impact for a wider audience.

There are still what, 3 days of E3? We could/should still see some more interesting footage of at least a few of these games. I hope so anyway, CG trailers do bore me.

TheFanboySlayer2499d ago

I'd give the conference a 8.1 because there was nooo Jaw droppers but a lot of games which is good!

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Dewitt2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

It wouldn't matter what they showed it would have been disappointing to you, this was a fantastic conference for XB1 gamers.

Ninver2499d ago

not at all, i was waiting to be blown away from all the hype about a new Gears, third party megaton exlcusive etc. nothing was gasp worthy at all.

maybe you are easily impressed but others aren't. guess i'm not buying an X1 for a while.

torchic2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

the Halo Collection, Evolve and Rise of the Tomb Raider were stand outs for me. but a very good conference from Microsoft in general, nothing mind blowing, maybe the Chief collection but after last year's farce very good

also forgot to mention Assassin's Creed Unity set in the friggin French Revolution! oh yes finally thank you Ubisoft!

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ricochetmg2499d ago

I hope it's like mh with your own dragons.

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