E3 2014: Platinum Games Reveals Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound

"There were rumors of an Xbox One exclusive Platinum Games title and that certainly came to pass. Hideki Kamiya took the stage to announce the awesome looking Scalebound."


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Rainbowcookie2126d ago

Awesome cgi but no gameplays gonna hurt microsoft

JohnApocalypse2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

The game is probably over a year away

Kayant2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

I would say longer going with ntrkl's leak putting it 2016.

truefan12126d ago

I disagree, wasn't Sunset Overdrive a CGI last year. Sunset Overdrive has managed to be better than the CGI and is on track to be one of the best games of 2014. I hope Scalbound can do that same, because that CGI was awesome.

breakpad2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

not so exciting as idea and art in comparison with other Platinum games i think

Neonridr2126d ago

every game can't be Bayonetta or TW101.. ;)

system222126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

hehe i did the logo burn in animation graphics at the end.

system222126d ago

really :) did a few more this year too.

Neonridr2126d ago

@system22 - awesome. Did you do the title logo yourself or do you work with a team?

jonatan2212126d ago

that's really cool if you did!

The 10th Rider2126d ago

It should be good, but I think it's fairly early in development. He just finished up Wonderful 101 last year and he said his next project goes into full development this year. Seeing as this is his next project it must be fairly early in development.

Can't wait to see some gameplay, though!

Neonridr2126d ago

don't forget he is also supervising Bayonetta 2, so that is probably taking up some of his time as well, since they are just putting the finishing touches on it.

The 10th Rider2126d ago

Yeah, I can't wait to see it but it could very well be a 2016 release :( . That's probably why we didn't see any gameplay.

lonelyplayer2126d ago

Probably best game in the show. I'm sure it's gonna be amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.