Crackdown 3 Announced for Xbox One

Cloudgine and Microsoft have announced Crackdown 3, exclusive to Xbox One.

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Mikelarry2120d ago

Finally this is one of my most anticipated title from MS

user14394142120d ago

Crackdown is not as bad as EVERYONE is making it out to be. Yes the first 2 games were VERY bad but the new one might be better. XoXoXoXo

Dewitt2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

The first was incredible, what are going on about. Also, Crackdown 2 had 8 months of development time. This game is going to be an epic scale.

TrollingKoala2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

How would you know? i don't think you have ever owned a xbox console in your life and Crackdown 1 was great and 2 was good could have been better. XoXoXo ;)

MysticStrummer2120d ago

You give all PS fans a bad name with your stealth trolling, but maybe that's your objective anyway.

sonarus2120d ago

Crackdown 1 was cool. I never played 2 but with next gen boost next crackdown could certainly be great

JoGam2120d ago

My brother has Crackdown, He said its a good game. Dont know why people think different.

Fireseed2120d ago


Yeah he's waking a fine line between rabid foaming at the mouth Sony fanboy sharing his thoughts, or a rabid foaming at the mouth Xbox fanboy smearing Sony fans.

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GarrusVakarian2120d ago

Awesome, hopefully it's more like the original and less like the 2nd game.

LordMaim2120d ago

This and Dead Rising 3 are my drivers for buying an Xbox One eventually. Crackdown is just good fun.

2120d ago
M-M2120d ago

Megaton for Microsoft. They had a really solid conference.

GarrusVakarian2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Yeah, Crackdown was the megaton (along with Halo 1-4). But apart from that, the conference wasn't all it was stacked up to be, imho. A little too heavy on the multiplats, and nowhere near as many megatons as i was expecting. I guess i just had my expectations way too high.

meatnormous2120d ago

Crackdown will be a day on purchase for me, but most of the conference was multiplats with timed dlc. Did anyone notice they didn't say cloud once during the conference?

2120d ago
hello122120d ago

I have to agree. Was expecting a few more megatons from Microsoft? The Japanese game looked cool and the halo master collection is great for halo fans. Crackdown looked alright.

But i am shocked most of the games were third party with exclusive content.

Ashunderfire862120d ago

Well Phil Spencer did say he had alot of games to show, and it was too big to show everything. So expect to hear more from Gamecom, Toyko Game Show, and other events incoming.

meatnormous2120d ago

Evolve looked fun as well, but its a multi plat.

hello122120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

[email protected] Lukas commment is spot on stop being a fool.

Microsoft had hardly any first party games really. Gamers i guess will have to look to third party to fill the void.

GarrusVakarian2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

@ mrpsychoticstalker

You read my opinion, not surprised you don't agree with it though. But sorry, look around, the general consensus is that MS's conference didn't live up to the hype, at all. They showed too many multiplats, too many CG trailers, too many games we already know of/have seen, and not enough megatons. Can you honestly sit there and tell me that you weren't expecting more IP's/megatons? I doubt it.

But again, it doesn't surprise me that you are poking fun at my comment, MS could have shown Viva Pinata 360 gameplay for 90 mins and you would still think they "won".


Male no mistake, i will criticise Sony's conference just as much! I want new IP's and more exclusives shown at E3, not exclusive content and mutliplats.

IrishSt0ner2120d ago

"Did anyone notice they didn't say cloud once during the conference?"

Yea noticed that, although Phil did confirm in the post media briefing that Crackdown IS cloud powered and the destruction shown in the trailer will happen in game.

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Bnet3432120d ago

It was a solid conference, but I wouldn't say a megaton. I give them a B+. That's a fair score. They did what they needed to do. If you buy an Xbox One, you're going to have alot of good games to play. You can't deny that. :/

MasterCornholio2120d ago

I would give them a B though. It would have been a B+ but I hate it when people (Spencer in this case) over hype their conference. If Sony does the same thing I will penalize them for it.

ricochetmg2120d ago

I thought it was a great showing. I am anything but a ms guy and i liked it.

PinkFunk2120d ago

Being more inclined toward Sony, I have to admit Microsoft's E3 conference was pretty f***ing strong. The first time i've ever been inclined to buy an xbox. Well done Phil Spencer.

Excited to see Sony's conference and what they can bring to the table.

M-M2120d ago

That's what I'm saying, I don't know where all the disagrees are coming from. Would you guys prefer Microsoft's E3 to be like last year's or what?

MysticStrummer2120d ago

"I don't know where all the disagrees are coming from."

Honest disagrees, maybe…?

I thought it was pretty underwhelming myself. Not terrible, but certainly not something that made me think "Oh damn Sony better really bring it later…"

M-M2120d ago


There's a reason why I called it "solid" and not "fantastic" or "great". Solid means that they didn't do extremely well or extremely bad, at least by my definition.

PinkFunk2120d ago

All fair points. I suppose i'm guilty in simply not expecting much from Microsoft, and that's why I came away pretty impressed. I'm still impressed.

It's also that it seemed to be literally game after game after game. Which is such a huge turn from last year's conference. But hey, that is simply my opinion, so I respect and INVITE disagrees (or agrees w/e). Hehehe.

Anyhow, i'm mostly looking forward to Uncharted 4 tonight, and anything else Sony busts out. I hope they really dazzle this year!

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incredibleMULK2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

i gotta agree. I am a sony man but they did pretty good. Spencer seems trustworthy unlike that doofus don mattrick.

I don't have any interest in the role playing stuff but I know theres alot of fellow sony fanboys getting fidgety, rightfully so.

I like that halo collection with the redone graphics and know it will be big. Plus dedicated servers. I love killzone, but the multi player is a ghost town even on the new one, like 1,000 people playing.

ori looks good.

Inside looks good.

Crackdown looks very nice.

Sunset overdrive looks good. I hope it has a good story.

Call of duty looks good because it has some elements from crysis.

You know gears will be good when it finally comes out....Providing its not anything like judgement.

I wasn't overly impressed with the new forza though. Maybe was the streaming quality...very bland.

alot of potential.

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BlackTar1872120d ago


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