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HollywoodLA1592d ago

What a poor conference lol..

Ninver1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

bu bu but wait till E3. MS are revealing all their games before the show, they must have something planned to blow us away and save the X1.

what a waste of time. Gap widens after Sony's E3 conference, be very afraid fanboys.

JoGam1592d ago

I just hope Sony has a good conference.

mkis0071592d ago

I really expected a shot to be fired directly undercutting Sony. I thought MS understood. They did definitely show the games, but nearly everything was prerendered.

disKinected1592d ago

Fanboys should have kept their expectations in check.
I heard countless times, MS must be hiding something big if they are already revealing so many games. Haha

MysticStrummer1592d ago

"I just hope Sony has a good conference."

After MS's, Sony just needs a meh conference to break even and continue their domination.

DevilOgreFish1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

MysticStrummer - "I just hope Sony has a good conference."

After MS's, Sony just needs a meh conference to break even and continue their domination."

domination starts when you get to "PLAY" the games, not watch them. Microsoft has much more games coming this year. sony will probably show games that won't be out till next year or 2016.

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ritsuka6661592d ago

I agree. Sony and Nintendo please save us...

ramiuk11592d ago

exactly,MS killed themselves again.
all sony has to do now is a price drop of a few dollars and MS screwed,regardless of game announcements on ps4 lol.
sony is defo gonna have a better E3 now

mkis0071592d ago

Uncharted running in engine will be enough.

MysticStrummer1592d ago

Note to MS : That timed exclusive strategy really needs to go. It's a joke.

Pixel_Enemy1592d ago

Exactly. They are throwing money at devs to give them DLC first instead of using that money to make new exclusive games. It is just a waste. I really don't care if I have to wait a month to play it on PS4. As long as it comes to PS4, they wasted money.

HollywoodLA1592d ago

It's offensive at worst. The majority of gamers and consumers alike are being denied content -- all because Microsoft wants to throw it's money around... again.

Parity? Only when it benefits MS.

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Ninver1592d ago

The Division and Sunset Overdrive were the only standout games i was remotely interested in tbh. what a very underwhelming E3 by MS. I see the gap widening after such a show.

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PR_FROM_OHIO1592d ago

Wow was that there whole conference?? Bc i wasn't impressed at all!!!!

cfc831592d ago

That's what i don't know. I thought that was like a mini conference before the main event, and that the big stage announcements are in a few days ?

sic_chops1592d ago

That was the big one fellas. The Megaton: timed DLC

modesign1592d ago

new guns and skins hit xbone first....

sic_chops1592d ago

They spend too much money on timed exclusives like it actually moves consoles.

Pinkdolphinyfg1592d ago

Do you have any idea how many people last generation stuck with xbox just for Cod dlc?

TKCMuzzer1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Yes but if you look at the sales of COD, it did just as well on PS3 even without timed DLC, showing it had very little effect. It's a bit like the GTA content they threw 50 mill on, very little effect. I would NEVER buy a console just because the games had timed DLC.
Games sell hardware, not DLC.

Volkama1592d ago

While I don't like it at all, there is no doubt it moves consoles. Both MS and Sony are doing it these days, because their numbers tell them it does move consoles.

TKCMuzzer1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Not enough consoles to warrant all the expense.

I know its VGChartz but as can be seen, was the extra million in sales (split between MS and Activision) worth it, especially if you look at Europe.

I think both Sony and MS should put the money into their own studios.

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