How Sony could win the console war using a PC developer

It’s almost tough to believe that it’s been a whole year since Sony’s “drop the mic” moment at E3 2013. Without question, Sony has been able to ride that wave of anti-Microsoft sentiment for the past year. But as all things eventually do, the ill-will towards the Xbox has begun to fade a bit. With Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer now occupying two key positions in the company, Microsoft has made numerous moves recently in an attempt to sway the battle back in their favor. Sony has managed to push the PlayStation Plus brand as a value added service in a pretty major way in recent years. Giving away free games has been a super successful marketing strategy for Sony, and it’s possible that we’re about to see them do a lot more of it.

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modesign2499d ago

everquest ps4, planetside ps4, H1Z1 ps4 = win.

harrisk9542499d ago

Anyone know what is the difference between "Everquest Next" and "Everquest Next Landmark"? This article references both.

ramtah2499d ago

landmark you can create landmark..

Saryk2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Landmark is like Minecraft. You grab a piece of land and create your little slice of heaven.EQ Next is the MMO.

user56695102499d ago

sooo play the yea me to. praise the pc games that get ported to ps4 but then downplay the rest of them. gottat love ps