Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare New Weapons, Movement and enemies

Today marked the kickoff of Microsofts E3 press conference where some big announcements were made. One of which was the first reveal of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Today we will be taking a look at some of the new features that you will come to expect from the much anticipated first person shooter from Sledgehammer Games.

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HanCilliers2500d ago

So exactly how will AW differ from Ghosts? Besides the obvious?

SolidStoner2500d ago

And heading into future is wrong decision! and now there is even more shoot auto-aim and forget random stuff.. hoped for some classic warfare with less Hollywood.. its just me!

Matt6662500d ago

It won't, it still going to be the same broken game as every it is every single year. still can't see your legs during gameplay (only cut scenes) in Halo 2 you could see your legs during gameplay.

HoldenZA2500d ago

I guess the setting is what differentiates it so much. The future allows for brand new movement and a chance to build a new multiplayer experience.

blackblades2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

lol cod been shown at microsoft conference every year with time exclusive dlc every year.

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LAWSON722500d ago

They should have showed the MP instead of SP, since that is what people buy it for. They should have did what BF4 did last year with a awesome MP match

Detoxx2500d ago

But for that you need an awesome MP.

HoldenZA2500d ago

I 100% agree, the campaign reveal is always the same. A ton of explosions and some gimmicky feature. The multiplayer always shows the true core experience rather than the cinematic one.

BLow2500d ago

I not going to even lie but that shit was Nice!!! I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon but this game looks amazing. I have COD fatigue but this game got my blood pumping again for the series. Finally the engine has been updated and it looks glorious...Can't wait...

madara0sama2500d ago

The graphics looks a lot better. But yes they should of shown MP instead. I think I might actually skip COD this year lol.

HanCilliers2500d ago

I wonder how many people are saying that - then end up buying COD anyways ;)

plut0nash2500d ago

Verticality is the new black it seems :P

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