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Pinkdolphinyfg2503d ago

God i cringed when i saw "new armor abilities" please 343 just trash that concept and give us a more vanilla halo experience.

Convas2503d ago

Apparently they aren't AAs.

Conjecture is they're pickups on the map

LAWSON722503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

They can do what they want, I got Halo 2 and 3 on my Xbone :) I just won't play it besides the SP. When the game has only 20000 people playing after a month maybe they will realize why.

HaMM4R2503d ago

I'm just worried that the multiplayer won't deliver. Why was the HUD different when the single player HUD was proper halo 2? That confuses me.

Audiggity2503d ago

Perhaps it is horse armor?

General Shrooms2503d ago

Pretty much this. It's going to take a miracle to get me back into Halo after Halo 4 ruined it for me.

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Hercules1892503d ago

Halo 4 wasn't really that bad, it was just not people were expecting. Atleast they put in the BR and the maps were pretty decent. Halo is different from other games because each game actually evolves and doesn't just copy and paste but with different graphics engine like COD or UC.

Hercules1892503d ago

If you want to play Halo 2 with updated graphics there will be a game for you don't worry. For everyone else that wants a new Halo game will play Halo 5 Guardians. With all the pros they've got I'm sure they will put the SPARTAN abilities to good use. For all we know there might be button combos that might give you those abilities shown in the trailer.

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gtxgamer22503d ago

Awesome, now I can't wait to see what Nintendo an sony show off at their conferences!!

BTBuck12503d ago

blue case, trying to piggy back on PS4 success lol, ride them coat-tails gitty up' YAAAAAAAAA!!!

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ginsunuva2503d ago

I hate it when companies treat Betas like games.

"This holiday season we are proud to bring you... exclusive Halo 5 beta!!!"

And people happily pay for beta access.

Codewow2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

It's not your money, so don't complain. If you don't want to pay you don't have to... Just make your friend pay and you play on their account. :D