Meeting Kojima (Only signing sleeves, no pics allowed)

Kotaku reader Ninjax writes:

"Whilst I was waiting, I readied my Metal Gear Solid collection to get signed.

I went up on the platform where it was my turn to get my sleeve signed. I get my collection out, only to be told by some random HMV employee who was supervising the signing that I'm only allowed to get the sleeve signed. I didn't know how to take it. So I just took out my sleeve, got it signed and shook Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa and Yumi Kikuchi (Raging Raven) hands. Which kind of made it better.

I wanted to take a quick picture of me with Hideo Kojima, so I shook Hideo's hand whilst my brother who came with me took a picture. For some reason, the man supervising the singing on the platform tried to stop my brother taking the picture, saying that no pictures allowed. But luckily my brother managed to take the picture before he could stop him.So now I couldn't take a picture of my brother and Hideo, which could be the first and last time they meet.

Very disappointing. I traveled such a long way, carried a very heavy bag of MGS games for nothing? It could be the last time I meet the man, and I've already gone through a long process of waiting, might as well sign all the games and let me at least take a decent picture."

computer5662d ago

I feel his pain but... you can't expect Kojima to sign everything you bring. Imagine how many people would be bringing entire collections and then auctioning them on eBay or something. I think pictures should be allowed though. That's far more memorable than a signed sleeve.

ThatArtGuy5662d ago

I got to meet Bruce Campbell on his book signing tour in 2001. My wife and I were towards the end of the line. Signing started during the early evening, but we didn't get to see him until one in the morning. We were only allowed to get the book signed and one other item (my wife's Army of Darkness VHS cover). However, Bruce was very friendly and both me and my wife had our pictures taken with him. He was a class act through and through. (Can't say so much for the people ahead of us in the line, though.)

Aclay5662d ago

It's not possible for Hideo to sign multiple items from one person becacuse he could be sitting there literally all day.

I wish that Kojima was coming to more places in the U.S. though because more people could be able to see him. He's only coming to New York, Los Angles, and San Franciso in the U.S., but Kojima is going to be in the U.S. whenever MGS4 Officially launches, so that's great.

crck5662d ago

I know the website said there's an event at the metreon but it didnt say if he was going to be there.

Condoleezza Rice5662d ago (Edited 5662d ago )

/Whining ^

What did you expect,a man that is idolized,known,and praised by millions,to spend all day eating Chocolates and taking pics with you?Get real,you're a fan like the rest of us;If they don't allow pics to be taken,they don't allow pics to be taken,period.

Now you can either accept the simple fact that an important man has no time to waste and thus can not please your individual needs,or you can send a letter full of broken dreams and whining to a blog.

I wonder what you'll choose...

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl5662d ago

Funk that, Kojima better sign my poster I made from this picture.

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Not exactly my cuppa, but there's a Yorkshire Tea controller now

The collaboration you’ve all been waiting for is here – Yorkshire Tea and your favorite console’s controller.

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Snookies123d ago

Those are um... They're certainly something!

Inverno3d ago

The Xbox controller looks better, logo is less intrusive.

Rebel_Scum3d ago

Hmph, you were lucky enough to be playing games with a yorkshire tea controller!

Back in my day we only had rectangular controllers that would give you blisters and wear your thumbs down to a nub!

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Nintendo's New Contest Rules Harming Community Events

The new rules set by Japanese gaming giant, Nintendo, might threaten future content, directly impacting the profitability of many community-driven events.

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Games1st3d ago

"The profit of these tournaments is directly impacted by these new rules, as sponsorships are being forbidden, maximum prize money is limited to $5,000, and food/drinks can’t be sold at the tournaments."

Why even bother.

Inverno3d ago

1 thing I've realized over the years is that Nintendo likes bragging about "fun", but it's "fun" how they see fit, and they often go against their consumers for the dumbest reasons. Just gonna do this stuff underground style, who are Nintendo to stop anyone from organizing community based tournaments anyway? How does this actually hurt em?

Michiel19893d ago

They've always wanted smash to be seen as a fun, casual game and nothing remotely competitive, which is in stark contrast with how Sakurai develops smash. He puts in so many little things to master for high level competitors. It's just sad, especially for the melee community. They kept the community going for 2 decades now even while all the time nintendo was trying to sabotage them.


The LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone is only $59.99 for Cyber Monday

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