E3 2014: Premiere Xbox One Exclusive Content for ‘Dragon Age Inquisition’

E3 2014: Microsoft has announced Premiere Xbox One exclusive content for the upcoming Dragon’s Age: Inquisition. The content was announced along with a new trailer which showed off the vast landscape and enemies within Dragon Age Inquisition. More details to follow.

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Hk85karlsson2500d ago

Both companies should stop this bullshit.

geddesmond2500d ago

I'm just gonna get the game now once all DLC releases on the PS4. Simply because I know EA will have a bunch of DLC that makes the game complete cause we all know the game will be 20-30 hours long. At least now I'll save money by not getting it day one and will get Driveclub instead.

Pinkdolphinyfg2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Why was nobody complaining when Destiny did this? Why now? Funny how the community will pick and choose what gets a pass and what doesn't based off of it benefits them or not. I for one am for neutrality on every multiplat.

Keith Olbermann2500d ago

Good point but yea they need to stop this BS.

memots2500d ago

Who's complaining ? I don't see any comments complaining here.

spacecat50502500d ago

Because its Sony. Exclusive content for WatchDogs, Diablo, and Destiney and N4G says good job Sony.

MS does it and it's company BS. And some say its money that should be spent elsewhere?? Where should they spend their money for a multiplat game?

kenshiro1002500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Pretty sure there are people who don't agree with it for either side. Stop painting everyone with the same brush.

anticlimax2500d ago

In the trailer it says "premiere content on xbox first" Has anyone confirmed that it is actually exclusive? And if so, what exactly is? A companion, a storyline, both or just a set of armor or something?

Either way, Dragon Age is (was) a pc-oriented series, and should honour it's roots.

Transporter472500d ago

I thought they said "FIRST" heard nothing about "EXCLUSIVE" content.

Fishermenofwar2500d ago

Where are the new IPs??

Halo is great and games please...

What is the cost of the collection? Anyone know?

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