Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets an Action-Packed Trailer

During the Xbox E3 press briefing currently being held in Los Angeles Microsoft showcased a new trailer of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and it showcases the lovely Frostbite 3-powered graphics of the game definitely nicely.

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Transporter472509d ago

First DLC stuff is so stupid.... specially for single player games...

arkard2509d ago

So excited for this, hope it doesnt dissapoint.

anticlimax2509d ago

It is time they did a trailer where the Tactical View features prominently.

With all these action-packed trailers, one might start to think it is just an afterthought, where it should be the core mechanic.

Eldyraen2509d ago

I hope EA shows it at their conference some but if not it should get shown during smaller press/gamer hands on demos.

conrmacleod2509d ago

Sweet mother of Joy! MUST... HAVE... NOW...

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