Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gets a Brand New Xbox One Gameplay Video

During the Xbox E3 press briefing currently being held in Los Angeles Microsoft announced that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will feature the usual temporary exclusivity deal you saw for previous games of the series, and showcased a brand new trailer for Sledgehammer Games' upcoming title.

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Ninver2504d ago

besides a few new graphic effects the game could pass of as a very polished last gen title. the gameplay wasn't too inspiring either.

the_hitman30002504d ago

Really to me it's graphics looked great! I mean it won't be the best we will see but I thought it looked very detailed.

Peppino72504d ago

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked and how well it played.

TheBlackSmoke2504d ago

Graphics can't save the fact this is the same game we have seen over and over. Its going to be a another boring, on rails ,linear ,scripted campaign that tries to evoke emotion for a generic dudebro soldier. It still baffles me that they show campaign footage when everyone only cares about multiplayer anyway.

Conzul2503d ago

I will actually pick this up if Destiny disappoints me too much. Doubt it will, but a plan B never hurt.
...Heh, funny, a year ago I woulda kicked myself in the nuts for even considering a COD.

LAWSON722504d ago

I thought it looked on par with killzone and even bf

Evilsnuggle2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

What game did you see ? Nowhere near the graphic of Battlefield 4 or killzone SF. Looked last 2.0 to me nothing to write home to mom about. Better that ghost but not good graphic . Lacks next gen light and particle effect .

/[email protected]

Ever game on xbone Juan looks last gen 2.0 !

Swiggins2503d ago

^ This guy needs to get his eyes checked.

Might I suggest Tompson's Optometry on the corner of Broadway and Laurel?

OT: Advanced Warfare looks like it's finally running on a new engine, and it looks great to say the least.

Liked a lot of what they're doing with the futuristic gadgets, the stuff you can do with your Exo is a nice feature, hopefully it will be a big factor in every level.

Matt6662504d ago

it look like the same rubbish every single year, I notice how the only time you see your legs and body when you look down is during the cut scenes, why not during gameplay.
clearly there too lazy to change anything

3-4-52504d ago

That actually looks like a campaign I'd want to play.

Haven't really enjoyed a lot of COD campaigns, not since the ww2 ones.

I skipped ghosts and it's easy to hate COD, so I hope they actually are doing something to push the genre forward a bit.

mcarsehat2504d ago

Pissed on any bonfires lately?

sad people.

starchild2503d ago

Get real. I don't even like Call of Duty, but this game looks amazing. The graphics are VERY impressive.

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2pacalypsenow2504d ago

LOl im 99% positive that game was pre rendered and or running on PC

Swiggins2503d ago

One thing I'll say about CoD games is that they usually hit their benchmark.

If this is PC gameplay (which it easily could be) then it still looks great, and I can't imagine it will look that much worse on the Next Gen consoles.

hello122504d ago

Right too. People who say this looks last gen are blind, just saying

OwnageDC6502504d ago

Game looked pretty good. I MIGHT have to give it a try. Verdict is still out though.....

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The story is too old to be commented.