Evolve exclusive beta access and DLC for Xbox One

Evolve will have exclusive beta access and DLC on Xbox during Microsoft's E3 conference. New monsters shown off in the trailer.

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LAWSON722498d ago

Exclusive DLC is kind of a dick move

spacecat50502498d ago

Offering more for your Xbox user base is a dick move?

I'm sure xbox users are saying the same thing around the world.

Volkama2498d ago

Xbox One owner here, and yes. It's a dick move. One that is becoming more and more prominent, and is purely detrimental.

RosweeSon2498d ago

Agreed dlc is fine but to try and make it exclusive to one console is weak, Cod dlc who cares, even the $50 million rumoured to be paid for the GTA4 dlc on xbox 360 was a joke as it was purely a timed exclusive it's laughable, more content specially well considered and thought through after products rather than stuff that is just ripped from the game to be sold is always great but buying dlc to be exclusive piss poor, it'll be out elsewhere at some point GOTY edition or something similar.

MasterCornholio2498d ago

Thank god for a moment there I thought it became an Xbox exclusive.

majiebeast2498d ago

No third party dev would be that stupid, with PS4 having a 4 million lead.

MasterCornholio2498d ago

When I watched the trailer the word exclusive flashed for a second. For a moment I thought that Microsoft bought it as an exclusive but thankfully its just DLC.

ger23962498d ago

Another good reason to buy it used.

WorldGamer2498d ago

I lean toward agreeing with you that exclusive DLC is not the most effective way of selling PS4 gamers on EVOLVE, but lets wait and see what this exclusive DLC contains.

Definitely doesn't bode well for my day one purchase of this game.

Ninver2498d ago

really not a big selling point anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.