Will Sony drop the PS4 price today?

Today is the first day of E3, and with it will come a number of announcements by the big hardware companies in gaming including Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

In terms of who’s winning in the next-generation hardware battle, Sony clearly has the lead. After launching the PS4 last November Sony has grown a lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One that is in the multi-millions due in no small part to a $100 price advantage. But today Microsoft removed that price disparity from the equation by launching a new, Kinect-less Xbox One for $399. Will Sony respond with its own price cut?

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JoGam2500d ago

That will be HUGE. CROWD GOES WOW.

Angels37852500d ago

That would be another nail in the coffin for Microsoft even if they have a spectacular e3

LAWSON722500d ago

All I need is Halo collection have fun with your PS4. I will hang out in the coffin with 100 maps.

Pixel_Enemy2500d ago

You keep your milked rehash and i will be gaming with new ips.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

LOL MS have made an exceptional E3 that Sony will not top. Sorry but money isn't everything when it comes to healthy AAA line ups like MS have shown.

@Pixel_Enemy thats the thing, you're not getting any this year.

Bnet3432500d ago

No it wouldn't be another nail and it won't happen because it wouldn't make sense from a business standpoint. PS4 is selling very well.

Majin-vegeta2500d ago

@Spam Lol MS shown nothin but mostly 3rd party games.With a an exclsuive here and there.

Honest_gamer2500d ago

To many nails and the wood will get weak and the xbox will be able to get out.

disKinected2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


"MS have made an exceptional E3 that Sony will not top."

Lol, keep dreaming. Still trying to find what's so special about this conference.

LAWSON722500d ago


Trust me I will. :)

ramiuk12500d ago

after just watching MS E3 i think they failed.
to many videos and not much gameplay,i even question some of the live gameplays ones shown then.
gutted as i so wanted MS to have an amazing show and imo they didnt do enough.

but its my opinion .

sony to announce some good games and a ps4 price drop to £319 for console will kill MS off,which i DONT want to happen.

im justhoping sony release planetside today haha

parentoftheyear2500d ago

Just finished microsoft e3 conference. A few things. It didn't persuade me to buy am xb1 YET. I was a little confused as to the crackdown reveal which was what I was most anticipatING. Is it like a remake or another in the series. From the way the trailer looked and how it explained it it would be like an online coop rehash of original crackdown which would be extremely dissapointing. The only things that interested me where the division still. Evolve. And sunset overdrive. Which will not sell me the console for one game considering I can get the other two on ps4. I think it will take a while for Xbox to being the games switching from their main "tv/media" focus they had before.

tuglu_pati2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

That would be the end of E3 i mean, What else could top that?

morganfell2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


Marked as Not a Reply.

MS just made it very easy for Sony to sweep the day. 80 minutes of CGI trailers for games that will be bumped to 2016, 15 minutes of games, most of which were multiplat and all of which will perfom better on PS4. Sony had the momentum and now that momentum just started picking up more steam rolling down hill toward the E3 auditorium.

LordMaim2500d ago

@SPAM-FRITTER-123: Were you and I watching the same conference? Aside from the multiplatform stuff, everything interesting Microsoft had was for 2015 "and beyond". Lots of CG trailers and all, but not much else. Halo collection will be cool, but I'll be interested to see how all the Xbox fans who were ripping on remakes throw out their back trying to walk back those comments. I'll be happy to play Crackdown when it comes out next year or whenever, but its a long time till then with not much new.

Boody-Bandit2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


I couldn't agree more. The majority of games they showed were either already announced, multiplat or indie games (you know, the games that don't matter)?

I was texting with a few friends and they were all like WTF, I'm seeing nothing that I'm really excited for. I kept saying they will announce something big at the end. They're going to show Halo 5 footage and announce Gears with a quick teaser trailer. Plus they will announce a megaton to close the show.

Even when Phil walked off the stage and the montage started running I was texting them, "this is just a distraction. Trust me they're going to stop the video and megaton incoming." Nope it went back To Geoff and he said, that was MS's press conference. We will get back with our panel after this break and hear their thoughts.

I literally was like WTF!!!!
And WTF with ALL the Halo announcements but no Halo 5 footage? 3 of the 5 guys that were texting me wrote multiple times, GOT MILK? because of all these Halo announcements. We were all disappointed.

I mean yeah Crackdown. But what is it? The original Crackdown was great but 2 was not. Is this a sequel or an online co-op game?

I was expecting MS to bring down the house with the current position they're in. They did anything but.

On topic:
Sony won't announce a price drop. Even if they were considering it? That went out the window after MS's E3 press conference. It wasn't a bad conference. It had great pacing but the best showings were games we already knew were coming out and multiplats that will perform better on the PS4. That and they missed the mark with no Halo 5, Gears or block buster jaw dropping exclusive securing announcements.

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darthv722500d ago

Do they need to? if the units is selling then they will want to keep getting those sales at the current price point.

When sales start to slow is when the question of lowering the system price comes into play. right is doing just fine.

What they 'could' do would be to throw in the camera at no additional cost. Now THAT would be a slap in the face to MS and them removing the kinect.

liquidhalos2500d ago

MS had a great E3, you cant really fault them at all however there were no epic awesome WOW moments so Sony dont really need to do anything too drastic like a huge price drop, just do what MS did and show us GAMES, lots and lots of games. Cant believe ive got to wait another 6 hours for Sony. Great E3 so far, well done MS and i hope you Xbox One owners enjoyed it. I hope us PS4 gamers get a good show too.

Mega242500d ago

I don't think non of the two companies will have a price drop, well until next year.

harbie2500d ago

It would have a minimal impact, people are choosing ps4 due to content and overall platform vision, not really on price. A 5yr commitment to a platform isn't swayed much by 100$ difference, certainly won't be swayed by a "0$" dollar difference.

bigfish2500d ago

Why do Sony need to drop the price! its beyond me!! the price is perfect, in fact I would go so far as to say that Sony sold the PS4 at a price to low,, I would happily pay £300-350 for PS4 even right now.

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XiSasukeUchiha2500d ago

Explosion! damn, it's over folks:)

Transporter472500d ago

I doubt it. Way too early hasn't even been a year...

Honest_gamer2500d ago

Hasnt microsoft dropped the xbox one's price 3 times allready? or where the other 2 jsut every store online and in my local area dropping the price at the same time an unofficial price drop

Transporter472500d ago

Taking out kinect is not a price drop IMO, its just separating the cost of the Xbox and Kinect.

darthv722500d ago

What retailers do with their stock is on them. MS cut $100 off the xb1 by removing kinect. Not exactly a price drop but more of an alternate sku.

A price drop is taking something that is existing and cutting the price without compromising the contents. thus if MS dropped the price of the xb1 they would have done so while keeping kinect in the box.

MysticStrummer2500d ago

Highly doubtful, but it would definitely be a huge announcement.

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