Watch Dogs CGI Trailer For Wii U Released, Coming in 2014

Ubisoft has just released a CGI trailer for Watch Dogs Wii U, its coming in 2014.

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Metallox2504d ago

Actual footage? No? Well, I'll wait something by Ubisoft.

3-4-52504d ago

They have more time to polish this game, I don't see how that is a bad thing.

Fellow Wii U owners. STOP COMPLAINING!

* Wii U needs more games, this is a new game.

* I may or may not get this, most likely not at first, but at least it's another game to help sell the wii u.

Stop being selfish just because it didn't happen the way you wanted it to.

How spoiled are you?

Deadpoolio2504d ago

OMG are you seriously that delusional...It's not going to look any better than the PS4/X1 versions, your just delusional if you think it's actually going to.....It's just as stupid as the people that go on about how innovative the game will be using the gamepad to hack things, cause holding your finger on the pad is so much more innovative than pressing square or X

LOL_WUT2504d ago

The bad news is that this isn't actual footage even though some will think it is but the good news is that it's coming out in 2014 ;)

ZoidsRaven2504d ago

In truth, I didn't want this game. Nor did I want Rayman Legends... All I wanted was Beyond Good and Evil 2 for my Wii U and I'm almost certain it won't be, F###ING h#LL! 7_7

Errefus2504d ago

To late to the party,Ubi delayed Rayman's Wii U release so that all platforms would get the game at the same time and they could market the game for all in one fell swoop. Funny how that same logic doesn't apply in this case.

Reeze2504d ago

Because of the delay of Rayman, I lost interest and had lots of other games to occupy my time by the time it came out. I didn't buy it.

I was very excited about this game to begin with, but the Wii U delays has made me lose interest.

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