Live Another Life Trailer For Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax has released a new trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online just in time for E3.

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pompombrum2500d ago

Meh they screwed up with this game big time. Zenimax got it in their heads that MMORPG = theme park quest grind and tried to fuse that with some Elder Scrolls features. It's a shame really because the game looks beautiful and has one of the best character progression systems I've seen in an MMO. They need to do a FF14 ARR, ditch the developers who've played too much WoW and bring in some people who know how to make sandbox games.

JackOfAllBlades2500d ago

I played the beta. As well as the final product, and it's not a bad game per second, just terribly mediocre

ktype22500d ago

I felt that way too. When we beta tested the game, there was the "hmm, is this it?" feeling. This was once in my "Must Play Games" list this year, but I didn't mind not touching the game again. I've yet to see something that will really make me reconsider playing.