Mad Catz Announces New Xbox One Headsets

Mad Catz has announced a new line of Headsets for the Xbox One gaming system. As makers of high quality gaming accessories for console and PC this is good news for Xbox One fans.

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B1uBurneR2123d ago

But is it wireless... no? Then no thank you.

Garethvk2123d ago

I was told at CES by another company that makes headsets that Microsoft is not allowing third part wireless headsets at this time.

Ripsta7th2123d ago

Sneaky bastards ! They want to make Xbox owners have only one option

Garethvk2123d ago

Exactly. their press conference is putting me to sleep 4 games announced 3 are multi-platform.

Deadpoolio2123d ago

So then it's the same thing as the 360 was then...They didn't allow wireless anything unless you paid extra money to MS

Garethvk2123d ago

Microsoft is using a very hardline approach this time out to 3rd party companies. Sony is being tricky as well with some tech as they are making people wait to get to use it around a planned update.