Phil Spencer Wants Xbox One to be "The Best Platform" for Core Gamers and Day one Customers

Just a few hours before the beginning of E3 Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer was interrogated by Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb on what you can expect from Xbox One and from Microsoft’s press conference.

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outsider16242499d ago

yup..same here! Always a Playstation guy here. Ps1,ps2 and ps3. im waiting for a price drop for the ps4. it's really expensive here in india.
never owned any of the other i wished them all the best.

jnemesh2499d ago

Keep a lookout for deals! I have seen the PS4 for $370 on multiple occasions lately!

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breakpad2499d ago

it may become if they secure the right third party exclusives which Sony still dont care to bring to their console

Volkama2499d ago

Disagree, I think Sony understand the importance of 3rd party very well now.

breakpad2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

No they dont ..until now they (Sony) didnt show anything from third party which is exclusive to PS4 and they still announcing lame 1st party sequels (aka infamous , uncharted) ... Halo and Gears oWar are lame as well but Ms saw this and tries to secure exclusivities from third party rather than developing continually the same boring Ips (Halo , Gow fro Ms...Uncharted , God of War , infamous for Sony

Volkama2499d ago

Watchdogs and Destiny featured pretty heavily in Sony's PR over the last year. They even do the 'orrible moneyhatting that MS made popular last gen. Indies get a pretty big focus too, and those are 3rd party.

Could they do more? I don't know. Not privy to their financial dealings. But I wouldn't say they are totally 1st party-focused right now.

0P-Tigrex2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

instead of securing a third party title why don't they work on creating new first party titles??

metatronx2499d ago

exactly, why dont they spend money on creating 1st party games rather than just keep securing 3rd pt exclusives. Didnt MS learn that the hard way last gen?

Volkama2499d ago

I assume the lesson they learned last gen from the likes of Gears of Wars was that funding 3rd party development can be a very effective way to get quality exclusives?

Or maybe they learned that money-hatting other publishers to get (timed) exclusive content is very lucrative, but hmmph that practice really needs to die.

Big difference between the kind of deal MS have for Sunset Overdrive and the deal they have for COD. One is OK, one is not.

air12499d ago

A great game is a great game so why does it matter if it's 1st second or 3rd?

What do you do? Look at a game and roll your eyes when it's not a first party?

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The story is too old to be commented.