onPause: E3 2014 – Here are our Predictions

onPause writes:

Hey guys and gals, tomorrow is that big gaming thing we talk about all year round and it’s here! Tomorrow Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft will reveal their new games and show us why we should be excited for the fall. Nintendo will follow suit on Tuesday with their Nintendo Direct.

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jnemesh2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I am expecting MS to announce several games. Good games. They will announce a 3rd Party exclusive that everyone will want. They will announce Halo 5...which wont ship until next year. They will announce the Halo remaster title, which will ship this year, but is less exciting. They will announce several other EXCITING titles. Then they will pat themselves on the back, tell themselves "Good job!" and walk off the stage.

Then Nintendo will show their stuff. The stuff no one but Nintendo has. The stuff Nintendo does best. I am expecting a surprise from them this year...not sure what, but I don't see the WiiU going down without a fight!

Finally, this evening, Sony will take the stage. Sony has a TON of game announcements for us. I am expecting SIGNIFICANTLY more exclusive announcements than MS. Then they will show Vita games...which MS doesn't compete with. Expect to see an announcement of the PS4/Vita bundle. Then they will launch Playstation people with tablets, smartphones, Sony TVs and others the ability to play Playstation games (and purchase them through PSN), without actually owning a Sony console! Finally, they will show "Morpheus", their VR solution. I don't expect to hear anything about pricing or availability, but I do expect them to tout the developers involved and SOME of the initial games and projects they are working with!

Yes, gamers want the games...but if that is ALL Microsoft has to talk about, they may as well pack it in and go home. I am predicting a HUGE win for Sony this show...and an embarrassing showing from MS.