Xbox’s Phil Spencer declares Nintendo “the best first-party on the planet”

We’ve been here before. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has stood tall to deplored fanboyism, shared the respect that he has for the company’s competitors, and now, on the eve of E3 2014, he’s complimented Nintendo’s pedigree.

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Moonman2131d ago

Well that was nice of him to say. :)

XiNarutoUzumaki2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Sony gamers, PC gamers, and even Ouya gamers have to agree with that. it's fact.

Nintendo has the best 1st party games, and that's why I've always had a Nintendo console as my Playstation's sidekick. I recently got an Xbox One too, but I barely use it.

To me: Nintendo Exclusives > Sony Exclusives > Xbox Exclusives So far.

ninjahunter2131d ago

Nothing like a good ol' subjective 'fact'.

Mr Pumblechook2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

I like Phil Spencer. I'm glad he has turned his back on the Aaron Greenburg/Major Nelson school of trash talking about the competition. However this non-stop nice guy behaviour to pander to the chattering classes of N4G and Neogaf is becoming tedious as it is one non stop PR exercise.

Yes I get that it is good to not be a hater but that is an indirect swipe at Sony by saying Nintendo is better and it just comes across as sly. I'm glad he isn't directly hating (but considering the relative sales strength of the competition that would be just foolish) but I'm finding his behaviour ingratiating to an extreme degree. I hope Phil stops trying to 'win' fans and gets on with the business of delivering games.

Anarki2131d ago

Sony's console, with Nintendo's exclusives and Xbox UI, that would be a great console

MysticStrummer2131d ago

"Sony gamers, PC gamers, and even Ouya gamers have to agree with that. it's fact."

I find Nintendo exclusives to be the least interesting of the consoles by far.

What now?

MajorLazer2131d ago

I love that you disguise your comment as a 'fact', as if saying it's a fact means everyone will agree no questions asked -.-

Boody-Bandit2131d ago

If opinions are now officially facts than what are facts?

3-4-52131d ago

xbox USED to have awesome exlusives back in the Original xbox days. but yea Nintendo has the most fun first party games I've ever played.

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user14394142131d ago

Sony make better games and a better console but I do agree Nintendo make a couple of very good games like Mario and Zelda :) XoXoXo

GameDev12131d ago


Ignore MrTehDingo statement for a second

But if I remember clearly, Sony makes a game console and first party studios OWNED by Sony that makes games

hence Sony do make games

Anarki2131d ago

Sony don't make games? I suppose Sony Santa Monica and a few other studios just sit on their a***s and do nothing then?

MysticStrummer2131d ago

"Sony doesn't make games."

lol People actually agreed with that.

Ahhh N4G you make me smile.

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Ashlen2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Um, I a..gree?!? with Phil Spencer.. huh wow... O.o

linkenski2131d ago

And you're maybe a little oblivious to his ability to do PR stunts.

Ashlen2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )


Now I know sarcasm and humor don't translate well through text but certainly I understand his motivations. That doesn't mean I don't agree that Nintendo is the best first party.

Ya know, mostly I just dismiss the Xbox folks around here but it's messages like this that for the briefest seconds give me a glimpse of how annoying the other side can be.

linkenski2131d ago

*+Funny* I couldn't help it.

XiNarutoUzumaki2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Phil the man
Phil The man
Phil The Maaan

Yes he is
Yes He is
Yes he iiis

Phil The Man
Phil The Man
Phil The Maaaan

djplonker2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Best first party

worst third party

But your thrid party support doesn't take much to change!

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