Xbox @ E3 2014: Official Live Stream

Watch the Xbox E3 media briefing live!

Pre-show at 9:00am PDT
Briefing at 9:30am PDT
Post-show immediately after the show on

Watch it live here on, on your Xbox, on Spike TV, or with the Windows Phone app.


Official stream is now live.

Update Two

We've put a higher quality steam up now.

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user14394142604d ago

Microsoft have 45 new apps to show and some games. This years E3 will be great #MiCR0SOFT

Volkama2604d ago

They have said they have 45 new apps currently in development, but nothing about showing them at E3. But then you already know that.

ALLWRONG2604d ago

Volkama let him sweat. His worst nightmare is about to start.

weekev152604d ago

Last minute prediction. New Perfect Dark game to be pick of the bunch for XB1.

Elit3Nick2604d ago

@DragonKnight Well played Kaz, well played...

choujij2604d ago

Their E3 show should be interesting.

ZodTheRipper2604d ago

lol starts with Call Of Duty and gets applause for timed exclusive DLC ...thanks already for the laugh :D

darthv722604d ago

free forza 5 content. cant argue with the price.

Volkama2604d ago

Wow he actually said that on twitter.

It's funny, and I'm sure we all agree but... someone at Sony probably needs to muzzle him :)

Phatty2604d ago

I think that's a parody account...

Copen2604d ago

Yes obviously apps are more important than games right? Like I said the X1 is a great MEDIA box but will continue to lack on the gaming side. MS tired recipe of COD,Forza,Gears,Halo has made its way to the X1 so old so tired THIS is another reason why MS is losing the battle. No creativity playing it safe seriously GTFO.

Phatty2604d ago

Fable Legends looks good!

NewMonday2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

CGI everywhere!

cant make out what the actual gameplay will be in most of these trailers

Hideki Kamiya's game will not even start actual development until he ships Bayonetta 2, so that is late 2017 minimum, and we don't know what the actual gameplay is like in most of the trailers. and that is the closest thing to a megaton they showed.

MS couldn't even get close to matching the show they did last year.

Sony and Nintendo will have an easy time outdoing this, they may even cut the number of trailers they plan to show.

choujij2604d ago

Well that was a letdown. I expected so much more. =\

ZodTheRipper2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

So that was it? Is this really the show Xbox fans have hoped for? I never would've thought that I would say this, but Call of Duty actually wowed me the most today. The best showings were all multiplats. And did Spencer seriously steal the "Best place to play"-slogan from Sony? /lmao

andibandit2604d ago

I would say they did par for the course, was hoping forsome big surprises.

DragonKnight2604d ago

The Kaz Hirai twitter account is indeed a parody account, but the quote was definitely accurate.

Phil did a great job as MS' face at E3. He definitely made Microsoft's ego come down and gave a "hey, let's talk games" kind of feel to their whole conference.

On the whole, I have to say that MS' conference relied too much on multiplat titles once again, but it was LEAGUES better than E3s of years passed.

Saigon2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

This was a good conference, not as impactful as I dreamt it would be but it was good. I think the main problem is that last year set a very high bar and many expected a repeat. The games they showed, were positive at best and a few standouts that truly grabbed me. The only problem, is that I think the majority that grabbed me were multiplat, so I have to dig to find out if they are exclusive or not. I also expected the hidden card to be more impactful, since they were bragging about it the last 2 weeks.

InactiveUser2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Inside from the makers of Limbo was the most interesting new game shown in my opinion, and I only played part of the Limbo demo. I'll have to play both eventually.

That was Microsoft's best conference probably ever, since it was pure games and no BS theatrics. It personally doesn't make me want to get an Xbox, but for fans of the same franchises Halo, Forza, Fable, Crackdown; it was a good showing I suppose. I would have liked to see more new IPs instead of the same franchises still.

Why doesn't the Halo collection include ODST and Reach?

I think The Division looks great in their demos, but that's mainly because of the co-op chat. Without the chatting in the demos they've shown, it's more generic. I thought when I first saw the game last year or whatever that those were in-game characters talking and the dialog felt really immersive. When you realize it's not actually in-game and you won't get that experience, it's a let down.

I'm not big on Sunset Overdrive at all. Nothing to do with Xbox exclusivity. You could tell me it's now PS4 exclusive and I'd have no interest in it. Just like I have no interest in Fuse or some of Insomniac's more recent R&C games (like All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault; I have to look into Into The Nexus more before forming an opinion on that).

Fable looked like it could be better than recent installments.

Evolve also looked pretty cool in what was shown. That's now on my radar.

Evolve and Inside are on my watch list. Maybe The Division, but I feel like the experience will be more dull compared to the demos they've shown with the helpful/informative/relevant co-op chat.

HaveAsandwich2604d ago

But it really wasn't. It was ok.

andibandit2604d ago

The halo collection wouldve been awesome if all the games were retouched, not just halo 2

SilentNegotiator2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

After that conference, I've got the feeling that suddenly certain people won't be saying that COD sucks, that indies don't count, and remasters are exploitative. Because it's either be a hypocrite or admit that MS's 2014 E3 conference wasn't even close to being as good as people were hyping it up to be.

ShinMaster2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )


No big surprises and lots of CG.
But lots of games and a good conference overall.


gaffyh2604d ago

There were good things and bad things about this show, but it was a good conference because they didn't waste any time. They didn't try to show gameplay for every game, and they managed to fit in a hell of a lot of content. My main concern is that there wasn't enough new and completely exclusive games shown, and those that were, were very far off in terms of development. Also COD starting was incredibly boring and mundane, I was honestly not wowed at a single point in the game.

mikeslemonade2604d ago

The only thing amazing in the conference was Witcher 3 and that is also on PS4?

killaarmy2604d ago

Microsoft dominated e3 Sony death is inevitable

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OwnageDC6502604d ago

Indeed. I hope they blow all gamers away.

LOL_WUT2604d ago

Same here can't wait to see what Microsoft has show good luck to them ;)

Palitera2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Microsoft has brought great games to the XBox One; They've shown clear signs of steady evolution (comparing to the XBox 360 abandon in its last years and the TV TV TV talk). Can't wait to see the cards they have hidden until now!

I have a lot of faith on their presentation!

Just please don't waste conference time with dog face capture tech demos.

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liquidhalos2604d ago

does anyone know of a higher quality stream at all? I keep getting blurring :(

SilentNegotiator2604d ago

Does anything typically get announced on Day 0?

SilentNegotiator2604d ago

Oh, the actual conferences are TODAY? LOL, I thought that was tomorrow.

Flutterby2604d ago

Unfortunately that was all MS has to show , so far far farrrrrrr below the hype that was made for it.

HugoDrax2604d ago


New Resident Evil and Ninja Gaiden for Xbox One....We will see if I guessed right soon enough.

3-4-52604d ago

They definitely just redeemed themselves a bit and I kind of want an XB1 now...

Not completely sold yet, but they took some steps in the right direction.

stage882604d ago

Pretty lackluster conference. Dare I say, a bit boring.

keegamer802604d ago

As an Xbox guy I have to agree. I did see games I liked. Just surprised there was no bombshell.

HaveAsandwich2604d ago

yup. multiplats and cgi. it was just ok.

Magicite2604d ago

As a potential X1 buyer Im disappointed, there were no must have games, I think both Sony and Nintendo will have easy time beating MS this year.

killaarmy2604d ago

Well fan boy Sony got killed by Microsoft e3 domination

tamulmol2604d ago

Dude dont be like that. you'll make georgenoob cry if he hears this. lol

showtimefolks2604d ago

a very good conference not any of mh god moments but a lot of very good moments. Phil Spencer did what he said and that was to show games

Crackdown 3 is the one game i am super excited for, i hope the do this game Justice. Crackdown should be treated like Infamous by sony. Please MS do this right with a proper fun story and a great open world

8/10 for MS conference great start


EA on fire to start the show

star wars
dragon age
now mass effect

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user14394142604d ago

Good Luck Microsoft XoXoXo

TrollingKoala2604d ago

The sarcasm level is too damn high.

ScottyHoss2604d ago

OT: anyone else sick of this guy's Xoxoxo's and useless comments? Not to hate man, it's just enough is enough.

TrollingKoala bubble up for funny ;)

liquidhalos2604d ago

Totally agree with you, i find it incredibly irritating that he insists on sharing his hugs and kisses like hes a 12 year old girl.

Flutterby2604d ago

Nothing wrong with hugs and kisses from school girls

Man_Marmalade2604d ago

Dat Moshi Moshi Hitler tho.

Software_Lover2604d ago

Cant wait. I'm watching it on Lumia.

2604d ago Replies(1)
Edvin19842604d ago

Yeah can't wait excited for all new games to be announced.