Watch Dogs is one of the most racist games I’ve ever played

Racism is a problem everywhere, and Watch Dogs is a great example of how it permeates the top of the games industry.

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Neonridr1594d ago

Hmmm.. I didn't get Racist from the game. But some of the invasion situations or conversations that you overhear when hacking people's phones is very questionable. Ubisoft didn't hold anything back when it came to very strange situations involving sex..

logan_izer101594d ago

I didn't get why they did that. To me they aren't even funny. Just incredibly immature and they come off like a desperate attempt to take a page out of GTA's book. IMO, they should've kept a more serious tone and ditched all the immature sex jokes.

blakstarz1594d ago

I guess if you think about, some of the conversation you hear and intercept in the game is sadly what are really on some people's minds in real life. Its sad but also a scary reality of life itself.

Racism will never die unfortunately and its funny how we view other countries as inhumane and savage, but look how some of us as Americans act towards one another.

Anthotis1594d ago

This is one of the most racist articles I’ve ever read.

AgentSmithPS41594d ago

Because nobody is immature in Chicago. The TMNT say hi.

I'm sort of curious why this bothers you. Is it based on religion, other people in the house, sensitivities caused by life experiences?

logan_izer101594d ago

It isn't so much that it really bothers me. I mean, I do have 2 kids in the house but that's not it. I just feel like I've grown out of sex jokes after high school. It's more of a lost opportunity to me. Actually having witty or original content in the hacked conversations and videos would've added to the game, the current ones do nothing for me and only take away from the liveliness of the game. Hearing about 2 guys talking about blowing their loads isn't funny to me.

aliengmr1594d ago

They likely used sex as a way to accentuate the idea of invading one's privacy.

Yea, at times they did it for laughs but I think overall, they really wanted you to feel guilty for "peeking".

MrDreadnought1594d ago

I have to agree with blackstarz, just because you ignore it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I think Ubisoft did the right thing, this is our reality, and tis one of the many qualities of the game, and they should be commended to take such a real point of view in the game which touches many sensitive topics.

AgentSmithPS41594d ago

"Actually having witty or original content in the hacked conversations and videos would've added to the game"

I agree but I'd rather have all of it in the game to make it more realistic. Just like it sucks that NPCs don't run away from a burning car right next to them. I really don't get how they can test their game and not notice some obvious problems that make them look lazy.

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morganfell1594d ago

Well racism is everywhere...even in places where it doesn't really exist. If you want to see it there, you are going to see it no matter the reality.

Copen1594d ago

Exactly...Racism is completely dependant upon ones perception. What may be racist to you may not be something that's racist to the next person. And if you look hard enough you truly can find racism in just about anything.

user14394141594d ago

Racism is never good in video games even when the slaves are being treated well and not abused it still should not be in the game. Someone needs to draw the line and say enough is enough and stop this from happening. I saw a lot of it in Assassins Creed and also in GTA.

Copen1594d ago

You can see racism in anything if you carry a negative view of the world. It's not up to games or movies to suppress reality and to give a false representation of how people are. You see racism? You see a negative portrayal of your race or someone elses? Stop griping about it stop looking for sympathy and go do something to try and change perception. It's up to YOU not someone else so I mean seriously get up off your @$$ and help change perception but stop passing the blame around seeking sympathy for a cause you yourself can help change.

Shnooze1594d ago

If you need coddling you shouldn't even be playing these games.

Dolf0451594d ago

Didn't at all get a racist vibe either, but I think the questionable nature of the hacked conversations/peeks was in line the point they were getting at. The world is a weird place and people have some pretty messed up sh1t going on behind closed doors. Look through that window in real life you might find they're not too far off the mark

The_Blue1594d ago

What about the Trayvon Martin reference as a know drug dealer.

I did enjoy the game but it does not lack cultural stereotypes but I guess that for the entertainment or ubisoft suffering from cognitive dissonance.

Copen1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Chicago IS the murder capitol of the US of A and whether you like it or not Africa Americans are the biggest part of it. They kill each other rape and treat women like the slaves the African Americans once were. Why should Ubisoft hide these things and sugar coat reality? They portrayed the minorities exactly as they are and it's an accurate portrayal. If you don't believe me I invite you to go visit the worst parts of Chicago and see it for yourself. If you're not careful you yourself just might end up being a statistic. Racism is all about ones personal perception what you may find racist someone else may not that's the truth. If you don't like the way your particular race is portrayed get up and do something about it make a difference and help change perception don't blame a movie or a game for giving an accurate portrayal of what really is.

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n4rc1594d ago

Crap like this makes me sick..

Its idiotic views like this that keep racism alive.. So what if the main character is white?

So what if there is a black gang? They do exist ya know? But your OK with Iraq portrayed as a black criminal, but he wasn't the main criminal so that's wrong!

Not every story told needs to be some PC bs to keep everyone's sensitivities in mind

mcarsehat1594d ago

It's all just a homage to The Wire anyway, was The Wire racist too?

Iraq was undoubtedly the smartest character in the game so i can't see how that was a bad thing.

InTheLab1594d ago

I agree and disagree with you. I'll get the disagree out of the way....

Racists and bigots are what keep Racism alive. Calling out Racism does nothing to perpetuate racism. Yes there are people like the author who fantasize about how we minorities are portrayed in everything, but that doesn't mean we should sweep all acts of bigotry and racism under the rug. Ignoring racism keeps it alive.

Now what I agree on is that you don't have to force diversity into every game and you don't have to artificially prop up every minority if it's not in your vision. While I do believe Ubi screwed up with Farcry 3 making Vaas a sub boss or throwaway character in favor of some random ass White guy who runs an entire Island of brown people and making the main character the generic White kid who saved all the brown people, I don't feel like that's necessary in a game like Watch Dogs.

Mainly because of how Chicago really is. I've lived in Chicago and Detroit and I can tell you that some of the worst things that happen with the gangs in Watch Dogs don't come close to the actual bulls*** that goes on in those two cities. It's a fairly accurate portrayal in my opinion. People get kidnapped or raped all the time back when I lived in those places. Kids walk around with guns. I've been shot at on 3 separate occasions. The store I ran was robbed twice. All gang s*** in those two cities.

I swear I can take you and everyone else reading this to some of the worse hoods I grew up (and thankfully escaped from) in and you'd thank Ubi for taking it easy on how they portrayed scum.

So no it doesn't bother me that the cast of Watch Dogs are mostly White with no real minority representation. Look who the devs are.

jmc88881594d ago

Actually when people create a fake 'racist' rationale they give credence to there being a dividing line in the first place.

There IS racism all over the planet, but it's not like how we American's think of racism. American racism and worldwide racism are two completely different things. We're concerned about what races are shown often, or some team name, or affirmative action. All these small time issues.

In some countries, you are outright killed or suppressed into oblivion, not because you were a slave brought from another continent, but happen to be simply a different race/color/creed in a land that might have been your ancestor's home for hundreds, if not thousands of years, but aren't the dominant one in it.

We have REAL issues to deal with, and we should start dealing with them before they kill or destroy ALL OF OUR LIVES, regardless of race.

Like Congress wasting time on the Redskins issue. It's nothing. If it's changed, ok, but it's a Pyrrhic victory that actually gains nothing and fills the populist tank with fake 'achievement' so people can go back to doing nothing having felt they 'made a difference'. When we focus on fake issues, we are literally playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

What's really sad is no one can even point the finger that this is the case. They're for or against it, rather then calling it out as a distraction, and worse yet, the ones pointing it out as racist and wasting everyone's time with it, are the ones who are actually creating and fomenting racism. Worse yet, they support these people creating actual racism. How hypocritical.

Look at Obama. My fellow Democrat is an absolute loser who plays racial tensions like a drum, trying to be on the 'PC' side, while no one bats an eye at his support for Al-Qeada against a sectarian, Christian protecting, Assad. Not a great guy, but better then the terrorists we gave up all our liberties to fight.

Or how about causing the whole Ukrainian situation, which is now a civil war, with Obama's Ukrainian Nazi's (and they ARE actual, Nazi's) killing those who are not ethnically Ukrainians on Obama's behalf.

So Obama doesn't support 'Redskins' but does support Al-Qeada and Nazi's.

This is what we get when we focus on fake racism, and forget the REAL RACISM.

Not to mention all the real issues, like spying, droning (American citizens no less), Wall Street fraud, etc, etc, etc.

So who cares about Redskins and Watch Dogs? Because obviously having too many white people in games is more important then real people getting slaughtered.

People need to start noticing this, or we're screwed. But hey, at least we'll have a Washington football team named Hogs or something. What a nice consolation. :puke

Cherchez La Ghost1594d ago

IDK about racism. But one Privacy Invasion scene really got to me is when the guy calls his father on the cell phone and he was dead on the floor. His father's cancer recessed and he was dead beside the dining room table. He called and told him that he wanted him to stay with him and it wasn't a problem. That choked the hell out of me. Took a minute to hold back a tear. But that is life.

L-DOT-_REAPER_1594d ago

i truly agree with you on that one

SpinalRemains1381594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

This is the real problem.

You're finding racism where none exists.

If you're upset that the main characters are white dudes, then there is racism, albeit your own.

This game is not racist at all. This is just as absurd as if a person were to accuse San Adreas being racist because it made white people play as a black protagonist. No racism. The main character cannot be 5 different races, in an attempt to appease everyone with thin skin.

Move along people

uth111594d ago

And if you make the protagonist a different race, and someone finds an issue with the portrayal.. Then the game is declared racist anyway. Can't win.

Software_Lover1594d ago

LOL. People act as if these types of people don't exist in real life. They do. That's why they are in video games.

SpinalRemains1381594d ago (Edited 1593d ago )


Franklin in GTA speaks the way he does because he sounds like every single gangsta alive. This isn't a revelation or a stereotype. Gangsta is as gangsta does.

The problem with that, is that the author of the article wants to play as a gangsta, but not ever show a black man in a stereotypical light. You can't have it both ways. If you play as a bad guy, then you get the whole package.

Its not like everyone who plays this game is going to base their thoughts about black guys based on Watch Dogs fictitious portrayal of them. Come on lol.

We need more black protagonists, but plz don't make them "too black". That's what we have here. Well, if you prefer one race over another, it must be because they're different somehow....hmmmmm.....

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