10 Games we’d love to see (But probably won’t) announced at E3 2014

OXCGN writes: With E3 right around the corner, we’re all anticipating what will be announced at each media conference. A lot of games have already been confirmed prior to the media conferences, but we stay hopeful for a few games that have been on our wish lists for years, but ultimately get let down every year.

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RocknRolla2500d ago

Just imagine if Half Life 3 gets announced. The internet would melt down and everyone's head at E3 today would just explode.

GrathiusXR2500d ago

I'd probably call in sick to work just to go through the plethora of news if anything on this list got announced over the course of the day.

RocknRolla2500d ago

Good thing I've got the day off work. Just going to sit back hit refresh and let the news trickle in.

IrishSt0ner2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Internet logic, HL3 > All games ever made put together.. Semi-seriously though don't we need episode 3 before HL3.

e3kehoe2500d ago

I personally would love to see a wipeout announcement but probably won't :(